The Georgian State Legislature Committee is recommending the decertification of the results of the 2020 presidential election in the state, which went to Joe Biden.

The recommendation comes from the election law study subcommittee of the Standing Senate Judiciary Committee, which released a report finding the election “was chaotic and any reported results must be viewed as untrustworthy.”

“The Legislature should carefully consider its obligations under the U.S. Constitution. If a majority of the General Assembly concurs with the findings of this report, the certification of the Election should be rescinded and the General Assembly should act to determine the proper Electors to be certified to the Electoral College in the 2020 presidential race,” the committee’s final report said.

“Since time is of the essence, the chairman and senators who concur with this report recommend that the leadership of the General Assembly and the governor immediately convene to allow further consideration by the entire General Assembly,” it added.

Georgia is one of six swing states in which President Trump and his allies are contesting the election results.

The Subcommittee of Sens. William Ligon, John Kennedy, Bill Heath, Blake Tillery, Michael Rhett and Elena Parent cited testimony from witnesses in sworn affidavits.

“The subcommittee heard evidence that proper protocols were not used to ensure chain of custody of the ballots throughout the election, after the opening of ballots prior to the election, and during the recounts. The subcommittee heard testimony that it was possible or even likely that large numbers of fraudulent ballots were introduced into the pool of ballots that were counted as voted; there is no way of tracing the ballots after they have been separated from the point of origin.

The subcommittee heard testimony of pristine ballots whose origin looked suspicious or which could not be verified and the inability of poll workers to distinguish between test ballots and absentee ballots. Signatures were not consistently verified according to law in the absentee balloting process.”

Moreover, the committee noted “poll watchers on Election Night testified that they had noted that ballots were not secured, that seals and security tags were not used, and the chain of custody was often lax or non-existent.”

“During the recount process, the monitors observed similar patterns of unsecured ballots that had broken seals and open cases of ballots laying around for hours or overnight in unsecured locations. There was a lack of enforcement of the law, sloppy handling of the ballots by those counting, deliberate covering-up of voting numbers by workers, lack of following the process during the recount, unsafe handling of military ballots, and insecure data such as on laptops and flash drives. According to submitted testimony, there were also many equipment failures when ballots would not go through the machines and other times when ballots were counted more than once.”

The testimony showed there was “a coordinated effort to prevent a transparent process of observing the counting of ballots during the absentee ballot opening period and on Election Night.”

Then there were possible problems with Dominion voting machines, although “the subcommittee did not have time to investigate the numerous publicly reported issues.”

But the senators heard evidence that “the machines can duplicate fraudulent ballots to the point that not even trained personnel can tell the difference between a test ballot and a real ballot.”

Several analysts have pointed out that the Constitution gives the power to state legislators to elect the electors of the Electoral College who vote for the President.

Most states allocate votes on the basis of popular vote, but legislatures are empowered to make corrections where there is evidence of electoral fraud.

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Georgia Governor: ‘Signature audit’ results of election are almost ready

Gov. Brian Kemp announced the results of the state’s signature verification audit should be released Wednesday or Thursday—coming after Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) made the announcement.

“The law in Georgia is that the secretary of state has the constitutional authority,” Kemp told Fox News on Wednesday. “He finally ordered the signature audit. I’m glad he did. I offered to allow the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is under my purview, to assist in that.”

Kemp was referring to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger ordering the signature audit, adding he is “very confident” in the process. The audit will include signatures for mail-in ballots for Georgia’s 159 counties.

According to Kemp, the University of Georgia involved itself in the auditing process in each county.

“Hopefully we will know today or perhaps in the morning what the results of that are, and that should give great confidence,” said Kemp on the show. “No one has worked harder down here in Georgia to support this president’s reelection than myself,” said Kemp. “I continue to support his and any candidate’s legal actions post-election, which is what the law allows for,” The Epoch Times reported.

President Trump blasts “slow walking” Of Georgia’s signature verification

President Trump is exposing the “slow walking” of Georgia’s signature verification. He said, they don’t want the results out before January 6th.

“They are slow walking the signature verification in Georgia. They don’t want results to get out prior to January 6th. They know what they are trying so hard to hide. Terrible people! @BrianKempGA” Trump posted on Wednesday evening, Dec 24.

A lawyer for Trump on Dec. 1 wrote to Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger for the “immediate audit” of tens of thousands of ballots.

“The Trump Campaign estimates that between 38,250 and 45,626 illegal votes from the absentee ballots alone were cast in the state of Georgia—far beyond the Biden-Harris ticket’s current margin of 12,670 votes,” according to a news release from Trump’s team at the time.