In an interview with Just the News on Tuesday, voting integri­ty activist Gar­land Favorito accused Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raf­fensperg­er of attempting to block phys­i­cal inspec­tion of ballots cast in Ful­ton County, Ga. in the November pres­i­den­tial elec­tion as part of an elec­tion fraud “coverup.”

Favorito’s orga­ni­za­tion Vot­er GA filed a suit against the then-chair­per­son of the Ful­ton Coun­ty Board of Elec­tions in December 2020, based on a sudden, implau­si­ble spike of 20,000 votes in favor of Joe Biden on election night, as well as sworn tes­ti­mo­ny from hand count audi­tors who say they saw Uncreased ballots, different paper stock, and ballots marked with ton­er instead of writ­ing imple­ments are cited by the witnesses as reasons for their suspicions.

The judge in the case found prob­a­ble cause to condition­ally unseal the county’s ballots for a forensic audit based on the affi­davits and other evi­dence. GA was given until March 25 to submit a plan to the judge outlining how the audit would be conducted, including which experts would be used, where the audit would take place, and so on.

Raf­fensperg­er, who is not a party to the lawsuit, filed an amicus brief last week in an attempt to stop the attempt to unseal and examine the ballots. a Repub­li­can who has refused to investigate claims of vote-counting tampering in the state’s 2020 presidential election, as demanded by former President Donald Trump and others.

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