Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Sunday said he holds China responsible for President Donald Trump becoming infected with coronavirus.

Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, made the comment in an interview with Fox News on Oct. 4.

“Don’t be paralyzed, please, our economy has to come back for the good of our children,” Giuliani said in reference to how Americans should deal with the risk of the virus.

“And we assert ourselves as the most powerful nation on earth because otherwise you know who will? The country that attacked us, China. And they attacked us with this, believe me,” Giuliani said. “I hold them responsible for what happened to my president the day before yesterday and everybody else.”

Giuliani said he spoke to the president on Saturday for 35-40 minutes about his health and politics. Trump passed Giuliani messages to his reelection campaign.

“I had to kind of get him off the phone so he went back and rested. He did say that he’d love to get out as quickly as possible,” Giuliani said.

“He feels like he could go out now. He said he felt pretty bad the first day, but now he feels, for the last 24 hours—and that was 3 o’clock yesterday—he felt perfectly fine. No fever. A little tired but not very tired. For him to feel a little tired is nothing.”

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