Senate Republicans say Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will reach out to Sen.-elect Tommy Tuberville (Ala.) in an attempt to avoid a nasty fight next month over certifying the results of the Electoral College, the Hill reports

Senate Republican Whip John Thune (S.D.) told the Hill that GOP leaders will tell Tuberville that voting to suspend the tally of the Electoral College vote next month is pointless and politically damaging.

“Ultimately every senator will have to make their own decision about that but I think there will be people, yeah, reaching out to him just to kind of find out” what he’s going to do, Thune said of Tuberville’s intentions about the Electoral College tally on Jan. 6.

“If nothing else, we need to kind of know the plan,” he added. “We’ll see. He’s made some public statements” about objecting to the vote.

“I’m hoping in the end that all senators will conclude that this election needs to be over with and it’s time to move on,” he said.

Earlier this month, Tuberville strongly hinted at plans to objected to Biden’s electoral count on Jan. 6.

In the video, Tuberville is asked what’s going to happen on January 6, when congress must certify the winner of the Electoral College. Tuberville responds by saying, “You’ll see what’s coming. You’ve been reading about it in the House [of Representatives]. We’re gonna have to, we’re gonna have to do it in the Senate.”

Attorney Sidney Powell reacted to the news about GOP leaders:

The #Republican party is history.
It committed suicide
So out of touch-they don’t get #TrumpWon. Not #GOP
Patriots will create a new one soon or take it over.
The @RNC is part of problem—the uni-party.

Sidney Powell tweeted on Dec 25

She continued:

Do NOT surrender @POTUS
We are squarely over the Direct hit
Fire the faithless & traitors
Note than 80M people were denied their rightful legal choice
Hundreds of thousands of fake ballots disenfranchised lawful voters

Sidney Powell tweeted