British actor Dominic West said the news of U.S. President Donald Trump testing positive for coronavirus made him “leap in the air with joy” during an interview Friday morning.

“Good Morning Britain” host Kate Garraway had asked the actor, who’s known for his roles on “The Wire” and “The Affair,” if he had an “instinctive reaction” when he heard the news.

“I did slightly leap in the air with joy,” West said.

“He said ‘it is what it is,’ and I think the phrase is ‘what goes around comes around.’ I just hope it doesn’t interfere with him being elected out of office, that’s all.”

Garraway gave him an opportunity to be a little less harsh on his judgment of Trump.

“I’m sure you wish him personally all the best, but subscribe that there’s an element of karma in this?” she asked.

West said that there’s “an element of schadenfreude in all of this,” referencing the German word that means deriving pleasure from someone else’s misfortune.

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