Jim and Joe Hoft from the Gateway Pundit were guests on the Monday morning episode of War Room to discuss the latest revelations in the Arizona audit, as well as why Democrats are now referring to it as the “fraudit.”

After Democrats lost their case against the Senate in an attempt to prevent the Senate from conducting an audit, they hired two firms to conduct their own and claimed to be certified. They were later discovered to be false. Their firms examined about three machines and concluded that they were operationally sound, and thus the audit was valid.

That assessment by the Democrats’ firms would be analogous to performing a bank audit and observing a couple of calculators that appear to be operational and concluding that all cash must be under control in that branch.

These were not forensic audits like what has been done in Arizona.

“The fact that Democrats are pushing back so hard is an absolute admission of guilt,” Jim Hoft said. “The know better than us what was done in Arizona.”

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