The former New York police commissioner Bernard Kerik said there are 174 batches of ballots, equaling 17,400 Georgia missing ballots that would have put President Trump over the edge.

Bernard Kerik:  You have a number of investigations in Georgia and one primary in Fulton County, Steve, that I predict that over the next three or four weeks is going to be explosive.  And I think it’s basically going to come back and vindicate everything the President and Rudy Giuliani, and I have been saying for the last six months.  The election was stolen.  Basically the Republican legislators didn’t do their job.  They allowed this certification of the votes… The Secretary of State of Georgia, he allowed that certification.  He had 174 missing batches in the Fulton County count.  174!  That’s 17,400 ballots that were missing and they knew about it.  There’s no way they didn’t know.  They had to know.  That would have put Donald Trump over the edge to win Georgia.  Just that alone.  But there’s a lot more coming and it’s going to come out through these investigations.  There’s subpoenas being issued.  There’s depositions being taken.  I think you’re going to see some explosive material in the next two or three weeks…

He also said Kemp criminally certified election results he knew were fraudulent

Georgia missing ballots

Former New York City police commissioner Bernie Kerik said Friday that officials who react too quickly to community backlash when presented with a situation involving law enforcement are acting “cowardly” and failing to ensure due process in many of those cases.

Kerik reacted on “The Story” to the suspension of six Atlanta, Ga., police officers in connection to an incident during which two college students were forcibly removed from their car.

The ex-top cop, who served under then-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, told host Martha MacCallum that from what he has seen of the incident, the police brass did not conclude a proper investigation before suspending the officers.

“First of all, I saw the chief within hours after this event and she was disturbed by the incident. They hadn’t even seen all of the video. They hadn’t conducted a full investigation. That goes on around the country constantly,” he said. “These chiefs are cowards. They respond to community outrage before they have any idea what really happened. It puts every cop’s life on the line when they do this.”

He asked rhetorically why some police officials fail to conduct a “real investigation” before making an action as serious as a suspension.

“If you think it is criminal, put it before a grand jury. See if you can get a grand jury indictment. Do it right, do it [via] due process — do it by the law. That is not what the chiefs are doing. They are scared to death to do their job.”

He also criticized Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender, who said in a recent tweet that she will indeed seek to “dismantle the Minneapolis police department and replace it with a transformative new model of public safety.”

“Here is the one thing people have to realize — this is propaganda right out of the Antifa handbook. ‘Defund the police’,” he said.

“Well, I challenge any Minneapolis resident to take a ride through Minneapolis — which now looks like Beirut in 1970 — look at it, and that is with your police there. What is going to happen when they are not?” he said. “Nobody wants to visit, live, go to school or work in a place where they are not safe. And most of these communities that have been shelled [by violence and looting] at this point, they can’t keep the community safe on a normal day.”

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