Lieutenant General McInerney, an American defense analyst, strategic adviser and cyber warfare expert, said in an interview recently that fraud in the 2020 election far exceeds. The scope of vote fraud is essentially treason, because Beijing, Iran and Russia participated in the manipulation of votes.

In the interview, McInerney was shocked by Attorney General Barr ‘s remarks to the Associated Press. He questioned whether Barr was a member of the deep government and whether he was involved in treason .

US Air Force three-star general, defense analyst and strategic adviser, and cyber warfare expert Thomas. Gen. Thomas McInerney (Gen. Thomas McInerney) accepted an interview on the “bravehearts” channel on Tuesday (December 2).

General McInerney’s analysis pointed out: “Six to 10 states have joined forces to manipulate their data to control the U.S. government and the commander-in-chief (Trump) of the (three services). What dirty politics or tricks”.

He bluntly said: “This is not vote fraud … In essence, this is a betrayal of the American government and the American people, (this is) a crime of treason. Yes, this is treason,” and pointed out, Because foreign governments such as China (the Communist Party), Russia, and Iran participated in interfering in the US election.

McInerney was shocked by Attorney General Barr ‘s statement to the Associated Press, and doubted whether he was a member of the deep government and whether he himself was involved in treason activities .

He questioned: “The big news today (Tuesday) is a set of statements made by Attorney General Barr to the Associated Press. Barr claimed that the Department of Justice has not found enough evidence of the widespread vote fraud problem that could change the 2020 election results.”

General McInerney emphasized: “Barr’s remarks shocked me.” Because “there is a lot of evidence that Attorney General Barr knew that the CIA’s procedural hammer and scorecard were hijacked by the Obama administration, and they may still These programs are still being used”. However, Barr’s confession to the Associated Press “provided a wealth of information.”

McInerney went on to say in an unquestionable tone: “They used the “scorecard” app to change the ballot, and changed the vote for Trump to Biden. It couldn’t be simpler and clear at a glance.” He added he has a lot of information about vote fraud, so what Barr said to the Associated Press surprised him.

McInerney said that in order to prevent Trump from entering the White House, the Democratic Party used the hammer and scorecard program during the 2016 election of Clinton. They thought that Hillary would win, but she lost the election. Load use, even without disguising.

According to previous reports, as early as 2 days before the general election vote, Lieutenant General McInerney issued a warning through the media: The Democratic Party and the Central Intelligence Agency (FBI) have placed one in the ticket counters of key swing states (such as Pennsylvania). A mechanism that can change the counting results of electronic voting machines and manipulate election results.

This kind of concealed program is called “Operation Scorecard” (Operation Scorecard), a technology invented by the Central Intelligence Agency, used to steal (hostile) election information in a target country. This technology is now being used against the United States. McInerney said: “The scorecard tampered with the computer (data) at the point of transmission.

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