The Capitol Hill Sergeant At Arms Timothy Blodgett accidentally CONFIRMED during testimony that Lieutenant Mike Byrd killed Ashli Babbitt. He named Byrd during his testimony.

Blodgett: We’re in close contact. The situation where you discussed where officer Byrd was at the door when Miss Babbitt was shot. It was our sergeant at arms employee who rendered the aid to her.

Video uploaded by WILLIAM HALL:

The identity of the suspected Capitol police officer who fatally shot Ashli Babbitt on January 6 has been named by Babbitt’s family attorney. During an interview on Fox last month, attorney Terrell Roberts said he believed the shooter was the same officer who left his loaded handgun in a public restroom on Capitol Hill back in 2019. Reports identified that officer as Lt. Michael Byrd.

“We were in close contact, that situation where officer Byrd was at the door when Ms. Babbitt was shot,” he explained. “It was our Sergeant at Arms employee who rendered the aid to her.”

In June Ashli Babbitt‘s husband Aaron Babbitt and Attorney Terrell Roberts joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the murder of Ashli Babbitt.

Attorney Terrell Roberts confirmed during the show that the officer who shot Babbitt is the same Capitol Hill Police Lt. Mike Byrd who left his loaded gun in a men’s bathroom on Capitol Hill.

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