Attorney Lin Wood on Thursday had the comment after former President Donald Trump affirmed his endorsement of Drew McKissick in his bid for re-election as South Carolina GOP chairman on Tuesday. Shortly earlier, Lin Wood announced his intent to challenge Drew McKissick for the position.

Here’s the response of Lin Wood on Telegram:

The South Carolina Republican Party Twitter account is touting the alleged recent endorsement of current Chair Drew McKissick by President Trump

I love President Trump and my loyalty to him will not be shaken even IF the President prefers McKissick over me to lead the South Carolina Republican Party. My support for the fundamental policies of President Trump is unwavering.

I will let the Party members vote on who THEY want to lead the Party and I will respect their decision. 

But it does trouble me that THE Twitter account of THE Party is promoting the alleged endorsement of McKissick. 

Who runs the SCGOP Twitter account? Who made the decision to post the alleged recent Trump endorsement of McKissick? Have the members of the SCGOP already voted for McKissick and I have not been informed of their preference for McKissick?

Or is someone using the official SCGOP Twitter account to manipulate the members of the Party?

Asking for a friend.

Lin Wood recently moved to South Carolina and confirmed his run against McKissick earlier this week.

“My decision to run for the office was heavily influenced by my well-known desire to reform local and state political parties and return power to the people,” Lin Wood said in a statement. “Here, I want to return power and control of the South Carolina Republican Party to the members of the party.”

Trump endorses Drew McKissick for South Carolina GOP chair

“Drew McKissick has done an outstanding job as South Carolina GOP Chairman, electing more Republicans in 2020 than in over 140 years,” Donald Trump said in a statement. “Drew fought all the way to the Supreme Court to defend our voting laws—and WON.

“He will continue to grow the party and help Conservatives get elected in the Great State of South Carolina. Drew has my Complete and Total Endorsement for re-election!” he added.

McKissick has served as state party chairman since 2017. Trump previously endorsed him with a handwritten note in February.

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