Attorney Lin Wood says Trump is still president, Q spreads Truth, Cabala Harris, Bandido Biden, JFK Jr, Bill Clinton Obama pedos, where is Obama during a new interview with The Pete Santilli Show?

Joe Biden a video deep fake, election fraud, we don’t know which people that are dead may be alive, people alive may be dead, WWG1WGA, explosions in DUMBS in DC, save all the little children.

Biden the crook and criminal, Obama is a Muslim, Cabala the senator from India becomes the first Afro American VP, Covid is the flu from China, CIA Operation Mockingbird, media is propaganda from CIA, FBI is CIA cleanup squad.

Bill Gates depopulation. He is on fire with the TRUTH. He knows what we all suspect about many issues. Trump is running things from the sideline.

Here’s the full interview from The Pete Santilli Show:

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