The attorney Lin Wood on March 10 shared his thoughts with “Thrive Time Show” in Fireside Chat 15.

Lin Wood Fire Chat 15 explains: “Why YOU must follow the money and learn how to connect the dots to discover the TRUTH and why every word found in the Bible is 100% TRUE.”

Here’s the full discussion of Lin Wood Fireside Chat 15:

Lin Wood Fireside Chat 15

On the same day, Lin Wood expressed his thoughts on Telegram:

Do you feel the rising wave? Do you feel the tide shifting?

Do you feel that truth is slowly but surely beginning to prevail as the lies are slowly but surely being revealed?

The enemy knows it cheated. The enemy knows who won.

The enemy knows Americans desire freedom. The enemy knows that Americans hate tyranny.

The enemy is uncomfortable with the truth. Make the enemy more uncomfortable.

In due time, things will begin to get better even if they have to get a little worse first. But show patience, because (to quote Our President) “the best is yet to come.”

Walk by faith, not by sight. Trust in TRUTH. Trust God.

Lin Wood Fireside Chat 14: President Trump’s CPAC speech

On March 3, Attorney Lin Wood, Ann Vandersteel, Doctor Shannon Kroner, and Doug Wade break down President Trump’s CPAC speech, while sharing how to get a vaccine exemption and why NOW is the time to get back to NORMAL.

Following is the full discussion of Lin Wood Fireside Chat 14:

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