Attorney Lin Wood on March 29 shared his thoughts with “Thrive Time Show” in Fireside Chat 17.

Lin Wood shared the news on Telegram as follows:

“Tomorrow,  my new Fireside Chat (No. 17) with Clay Clark will be released. Many will hear some news about my plans for the first time when #17 is released. 

You have been loyal to me. You have stood by my side despite the false and fierce attacks made against me. You have donated your money to #FightBack and offered my your prayers. 

I asked you to get involved at the local level – “Live Local” – the phrase coined by my Telegram friend Jarrin Jackson.

I owe it to you, my followers, to tell you the news first. Here it is. 

Several concerned South Carolina Republicans who are conservative Patriots approached me a few days ago to ask me if I just talked the talk or would I walk the walk. 

They want to take back their Republican Party. They want to return the power to the people – the members of the party. They have endured enough Rino Republicanism in the present leadership of the South Carolina GOP. They are demanding change.

These good people asked me if I would run for Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party. 

I said YES. 

P.S. The games have already begun. The S.C Rino Republicans must have heard that I was running. Tactics similar to those which occurred in Fulton County, GA in November of 2020 are already being undertaken in South Carolina by the elites in leadership. Looks like I will have to wage a #FightBack campaign. Not my first rodeo. 

Stay tuned for more.”

Here is the full interview of Lin Wood Fireside Chat 17:

Lin Wood Fireside Chat 17 Part 1
Lin Wood Fireside Chat 17 Part 2
Lin Wood Fireside Chat 17 Part 3

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