Attorney Lin Wood on April 10 shared his thoughts with “Thrive Time Show” of Clay Clark in Fireside Chat 18 and his latest statements.

Lin Wood shared the news on Telegram as follows:

I just finished an early morning interview for Fireside Chat #18 and am honored that Lt. General Michael Flynn led the way and will speak first on Chat #18.

General Flynn is a leader. I have NO problem following him.

Like me, General Flynn is a follower of Jesus Christ. We both have NO problem following Jesus.

General Flynn and I are on the same page. So are many millions of our fellow citizens. And the numbers are growing.

The Fireside Chat 18 with Clay Clark is introduced as follows:

What attributes and values should we look for in the political candidates that we vote for? General Flynn explains why he is endorsing John Bennet for OK GOP Chair. Pam Popper breaks down her best-selling book COVID Operation: What Happened, Why It Happened, and What’s Next!

Here’s the full interview of Lin Wood Fireside Chat 18:

Lin Wood Fireside Chat #18: General Flynn Endorses John Bennett for OK GOP Chair

Latest statements from Lin Wood

Lin Wood said on April 10:

Many say, and I agree, that it feels like we are living in a movie. We are.

While at times it feels surreal, the movie is in fact a documentary. The movie is documenting how we act and react to the events surrounding us. We ALL have a role in the documentary.

With that in mind, try your best to make sure that your portrayal in the documentary is one that when viewed in the future, will make your family, your friends your fellow citizens, and your God proud of you.

Strive to win an Oscar.

Lin Wood continued:

How did it happen that federal judges across the country ALL found erroneous “procedural” excuses to avoid reviewing the evidence of fraud in the November 2020??? Even the United States Supreme Court refused to review and correctly rule that the lower courts had a duty under established law to review the evidence.

Take a listen to what is going on in Florida courts.

Connect the dots.

Lin Wood also suggested people to watch this video:

“Explosive Bombshell! Investigative Exclusive with Stew Peters, host of ‘Patriotically Correct’ and FL Attorney Kenneth ‘Wayne’ Ferguson.”

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