Attorney Lin Wood is the prominent Atlanta lawyer who filed third-party lawsuits on behalf of former President Donald Trump’s election challenges. Following is Lin Wood Fireside Chats, interviews and his updated statements.

Lin Wood Fireside Chat 13: Why Supreme Court refuses to hear the election fraud case?

The attorney Lin Wood on March 1 shared his thoughts with “Thrive Time Show” in Fireside Chat 13.

The Fireside Chat 13 is introduced as follows:

Attorney Lin Wood: Why the U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear the U.S. election fraud case? Senator Bob Hall on what is going with the Texas power grid? BONUS: Learn about the 100% effective COVID-19 treatments and therapies.

Here’s the audio of Fireside Chat 13.

His statements on social media (Telegram)

After Lin Wood twitter account was banned, he moves to Telegram and continues making his statements.

On February 27

Lin Wood said: “The evidence of illegality of the November 3 election is overwhelming. Fraud vitiates all actions taken pursuant to and subsequent to the unlawful election results.”

He continued about “We The People” movement:

We The People should demand that the U.S. Military declare the election null and void in order to close the curtain on the fake Bribes administration. Then FEMA can promptly schedule a new national election with paper ballots. Down ballot races could also be conducted.

We would know within days who We The People want as our President.

What do we have to lose? Only the enemy has something to lose.

The game was rigged. We must have a do-over. We are talking about the leader of the free world. The U.S. election must be honest and transparent.

Call me crazy if you wish, but I believe this approach or something very similar is the only way out of the mess created in this country by the enemy.

Arrests of the enemy can follow unless already undertaken or underway.

Enough is enough.

Lin Wood added:

Another option would be to have U.S. Military and FEMA perform legitimate audits of the lawful ballots cast in each state.

Trump won by a landslide. The result is certain.

However we get there, we need to start working on getting there. In my opinion, efforts to correct the problem in the future are futile unless and until we correct the problem of November 3, 2020.

The country and its citizens are spiraling downward, lost in the confusion and misinformation or disinformation.

We The People spoke with clarity on November 3. The enemy cheated. We need to lift the veil of the fraud and count the legal ballots cast on Election Day.

Perhaps a way to start is state-by-state demanding a legitimate audit of lawful ballots cast on Election Day. After all we are a country of United States. Each state has a voice. So each community in each state has a voice.

Collectively, the voices of our communities and our states represent the voice of We The People.

We have the right to bypass the federal system which we created and fix this community by community, state by state.

We The People control the federal government. It does not control us.

Within the law and with the help of God, We The People can take our country back.

Lin Wood Fireside Chat 12: Election Fraud

The attorney Lin Wood shares his thoughts with “Thrive Time Show” in Fireside Chat 12. He talked about why world-wide CEOs are resigning, deep fakes, why his ability to practice law is being threatened, and how he plans to protect attorney Sidney Powell who is being sued by DOMINION for $1.3 billion and by SMARTMATIC for over $1 billion.

Lin Wood responds to the request of mental health evaluation by State Bar

Attorney Lin Wood said he would not undergo a mental health evaluation requested by an attorney licensing organization. The move to refuse the evaluation would potentially put his law license at risk.

Wood wrote on Telegram on Thursday that the State Bar of Georgia informed him that he would have to submit an evaluation to keep his license to practice law.

“I have done nothing wrong. I have only exercised my right of free speech,” Wood wrote in his post. “I will not allow the State Bar to persecute me for doing so and thereby violate my Constitutional rights.”

Wood added that if “the State Bar of Georgia formally requests that I submit to a mental health examination in order to maintain my license to practice law, I will respectfully decline to do so,” according to the post. “I am of sound mind and I have not violated any rule of professional conduct.”

Lin Wood Fireside Chat 9: Is Joe Biden really the President of the U.S.?

On January 22, Attorney Lin Wood shared with “Thrive Time Show” in Fireside Chat 9.

The video from Rumble says:

“Is there still reason for hope? Lin Wood shares PLUS The host of the X22 Report, Mike Adams of Health Ranger, Zach Vorhies, Pastor Greg Locke, Lori Gregory, Charleen Bollinger, Pastor Dave Scarlett, Pastor Brian Gibson and Clay Clark share fact-based reasons for hope and optimism as it relates to President Trump’s election. PLUS Ian Smith of Atlas Gyms shares his story.”

Fireside Chat 9 | Is Joe Biden Really the President of the U.S? | + 2 Other MEGA Shows

Here’s the audio of FIRESIDE CHAT 9:

Fireside Chat Eps. 9 Part 1

Earlier, Lin Wood said on Telegram on January 21:

“I have never guaranteed that the information I provided you was 100% accurate. I have accurately represented that it was based on sources or information that I felt to be credible. I would never wildly speculate or knowingly publish false statements that defamed another person.

I know defamation law. Plus I know the pain my clients have suffered when falsely accused. I would never knowingly inflict such pain on another person.

I will not be deterred from pursuing truth and justice because of the false personal attacks I have suffered and continue to suffer. You can kill the messenger but you cannot kill the message. I love America, freedom, and God. I am fearless. I never give up pursuing truth.”

Meanwhile, on January 23, Attorney Sidney Powell has launched a Super PAC dedicated to a variety of goals, including freedom of speech, constitutional rights, and “the sacred right to free and fair elections.” Lin Wood and Sidney Powell have supported former President Trump and worked together on post-election lawsuits against Joe Biden.

Dominion Voting Systems filed a defamation lawsuit against lawyer Sidney Powell, demanding more than $1.3 billion in damages for havoc it says Powell has caused by spreading “wild” and “demonstrably false” allegations, according to Washington Post.

Lin Wood said he is representing Sidney Powell in connection to defamation matters, called the lawsuit an attempt “to censor speech or try to intimidate people from telling the truth.”

“I haven’t seen the lawsuit, but I don’t have any concerns about Dominion,” he said in an interview.

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