Attorney Lin Wood spent one hour to speak with Pete Santilli about Dominion, Sidney Powell and election fraud.

Lin Wood said:

Dominion cannot prove Sidney Powell’s statements about election fraud are false. Because they are true. Sidney wins. Dominion loses.

You are still being played by the propaganda media which intentionally misrepresents the truth to brainwash you.

Eventually, the accused will be the accuser. Many falsely accused individuals will have excellent defamation cases against propaganda media and others.

Here’s the full interview of Lin Wood and Pete Santilli:

Lin Wood: The CIA & Communist China Ran a Color Revolution On Our Country

Following is a part of Lin Wood’s interview on Pete Santilli show, of which he talked about CIA and Communist China roles.

On March 28, Lin Wood shared more thoughts about November 2020 election

“I have urged my followers to get involved at the local level of politics to expose the unlawful November 2020 election, demand honest elections, and elect honest officials who do not seek to serve as a means to fatten their wallets and obtain power.

I would not ask you to do something that I am unwilling to do myself. Despite the demands upon me stemming from defending myself against the false smears and unlawful actions filed against me which threaten my 43-year law career and reputation, I will step up and make the time to join the battle for freedom.

I have been urged by many to help in South Carolina. I will have an announcement on my plans by Monday morning.

Maybe if I can work with other Patriots to fix South Carolina, it will eventually trickle down to Georgia. It might just end up washing over every state.”

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