South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick won reelection to his post Saturday, batting down a challenge from lawyer Lin Wood.

McKissick won with roughly 68 percent of the votes from 861 delegates who cast ballots, while Lin Wood took just under 28 percent of the vote. The remaining 4.3 percent of the vote was split between Michael LaPierre and Mark Powell.

Lin Wood put up strong showings in Greenville and Horry counties but failed to get big enough numbers elsewhere, falling far behind McKissick.

“Thanks to the grassroots activists across the state, the SCGOP is stronger than it’s ever been,” McKissick said in a statement. “We’ve proven we have a winning coalition of conservatives who are committed to beating Democrats, and I’m honored they’ve chosen to reelect me to lead that fight.”

Wood congratulated McKissick but said the win came “in an establishment created election.”

“The results of the last cycle spoke for themselves,” McKissick told The Hill in an interview after his victory. “Between the record and then of course having the support for President Trump, you add all that together and you get a huge victory in a four-way race.”

McKissick began leading the South Carolina Republican Party in 2017 and won his second term in 2019. 

McKissick said the state party will pivot toward planning for the 2024 GOP presidential primary and fighting against Democrats’ agenda.

“Our party is going to be united now,” he said. “We’re coming back together, putting together a campaign operation for the coming cycle. Now that this is over, we’ve got an opportunity to spend time focusing on Democrats and what we need to do to be successful in the next cycle.”