On Monday (December 14) 11:00 am Eastern time, the Arizona State Senate Judiciary Committee held a special hearing. Stay tuned.

According to the Arizona State Assembly’s agenda, the Senate panel will hold a hearing at 9:00 am local time on Monday to discuss what happened in the general election, and specifically to answer whether it is fair and legal.

Today (December 14) is the date when the American Electoral College meets to vote. Lawyer Sidney Powell said on last Friday that she had submitted an urgent request to the Supreme Court, requesting the justices to order officials in Arizona, Georgia and Michigan to immediately revoke the certification of the 2020 election results, prevent the electors from voting.

President Trump stated that large-scale voter fraud has been discovered in swing states. If these states certify the election results (for Biden’s victory), it is not only illegal, but also commits serious crimes requiring punishment. The president once again vowed to never give up.

At least two lawsuits submitted to the Supreme Court

In the past few weeks, Powell has filed lawsuits against several swing states. She said, “These cases raise constitutional issues and prove large-scale fraud. Our plaintiffs are eligible, and’we the people’ will not allow elections to be manipulate.”

In Arizona, a lawsuit jointly represented by Powell and attorney Alexander Kolodin was dismissed by a district court judge last Wednesday (9th), and the case is now advanced to the Supreme Court.

The Powell team filed an indictment of more than 300 pages, enumerating a large amount of evidence of election fraud. At a public hearing held by the Arizona Legislature and President Trump’s lawyers on November 30, there were many witnesses who attended the election under oath to testify that there were violations and frauds, but the district court judges still considered lack of qualifications and brought the case too late. Because of this, the case was rejected.

In addition, Arizona Republican Party Chairman Kelli Ward also said last Friday that it would appeal its election integrity case to the Federal Supreme Court. The case was rejected by the state’s Supreme Court last Tuesday.

The appeal of Republicans such as Ward said that the state government needed more time to examine the copying of thousands of damaged ballots in Maricopa County and asked the court to declare a “safe harbor” on December 8 ( Safe harbor) The deadline and the December 14th Electoral College meet-to-vote restriction date is invalid.

Takeaways from Arizona’s election fraud hearing

On the same day that Arizona certified former Vice President Joe Biden as the winner of the state’s 11 electoral votes, state lawmakers held a fact-finding meeting Nov. 30 on allegations of voter fraud that might have tilted the closely contested state.

35,000 fraudulent votes?

If the allegations are true, the biggest news to come out of the forum was the possible addition of 35,000 illegal Democratic votes. 

Retired Army Col. Phil Waldron, a cybersecurity expert, testified that an anonymous email from a Pima County tech provider alleged that 35,000 votes were illegitimately given to Democratic candidates in that county. 

“He wanted to remain anonymous, but had enough concern that he wanted to send this to the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice,” Waldron said. “He did not want to be included in the investigation, but the information they recorded is what we would like the opportunity to investigate on your behalf or a forensics team of your choosing. It doesn’t matter to us.”

If the allegation of illicit votes is true, the 35,000 votes would be more than three times enough votes to flip Arizona to Trump. However, the anonymous individual is apparently thus far unwilling to provide a name or sign an affidavit under penalty of perjury. 

“So, this coincides with the data analytics at that spike. We weren’t aware of this email until after the fact. So, there were approximately 35,000 fraud votes added to each Democratic candidate’s vote totals,” Waldron told the lawmakers. 

He read from the message that said, “The candidates impacted include county, state, and federal election candidates,” and talked about the alleged 35,000 votes added for Democrats

The anonymous person also alleged Democratic Party members invited him or her to a meeting on Sept. 10 and outlined a plan to add those votes. 

The message from the anonymous person, displayed on a screen, said:

When I asked how in the world will 35,000 votes be kept hidden from being discovered, it was stated that spread distribution will be embedded across the entire registered-voter range and will not exceed the registered-vote count, and the 35,000 was determined allowable in Pima County, based on our county registered-vote count. 

It was also stated that total voter turnout versus total registered voters determine how many votes we can embed.

Maricopa [County]  embed totals would be substantially higher than Pima’s due to embeds being based upon the total number of registered voters.

When I asked if this has been tested and how do we know it works, the answer was yes, and has shown success in Arizona judicial-retention elections since 2014, even undetectable in post-audits because no candidate will spend the kind of funds needed to audit and contact voters to verify votes in the full potential of total registered voters, which is more than 500,000 registered voters. 

Still, Waldron said he would prefer the person identify himself on the record and under oath. 

“We hoped this individual would come forward and issue this as an affidavit, but this is significant, and we also noted that the reporting numbers from Pima and Maricopa counties merged Election Day votes with write-in votes, with absentee ballots,” Waldron said. “So, there is no way in the publicly available data to parse those votes into the segments.” 

Absentee ballots, duplicate ballots, and 130% 

The Trump legal team also presented information from the Voter Integrity Fund, playing audio of several calls to people recorded as having requested an absentee ballot. Each said they did not do so.

Another witness for the Trump team was Shiva Ayyadurai, a former Senate candidate from Massachusetts and entrepreneur and engineer offering expert testimony on technology and data. 

He presented data asserting the only way for Biden to have statistically caught up with Trump after trailing him early on was if the registered Democratic votes were 130% in favor of Biden and negative 30% for Trump. He showed a chart on a screen to explain the findings. 

“What’s extraordinary about this graph is, again, we went through many, many iterations, it matches perfectly, near perfectly,” Ayyadurai told the Arizona state legislators. “The slopes match, the curves match. The shapes match. So, what this tells us is that this demographic distribution of allocation of party affiliations is what can generate this. 

“I find it highly implausible, because this means that Mr. Biden got 130% of Democrat voters, and Mr. Trump got negative 30%.” 

Anna Orth, a Pima County resident and Republican election worker, testified to the committee that she was denied the chance to observe about 2,000 duplicate ballots. Duplicate ballots are usually ballots that are somehow unclearly marked and require further inspection, typically by observers from both parties. 

“I was specifically taken out of that room, ushered out, and brought into [another] room,” Orth told the state lawmakers.

(Source: Daily Signal)