At 14:05 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday (December 2), Attorneys Powell and Lawyer Linwood held a press conference.

Attorneys Sidney Powell, Lin Wood also attended ‘Stop the Steal’ rally in Georgia (Dec. 2).

Why are leftist forces so rampant in election fraud? As evidence continues to be uncovered, the American people increasingly see Washington politicians, Wall Street predators, so-called mainstream media, technology giants, and the judicial system all participating in this coup.

The famous lawyer Linwood pointed out that the ghost behind all this is the CCP, “The CCP intends to overthrow our government to seize our precious country.” On Wednesday, he will hold a press conference with attorney Powell; on the same day, Rudy Giuliani also participate in the election hearing held by the House of Representatives in Michigan.

At the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee hearing on Tuesday, multiple witnesses confirmed the state’s large-scale election fraud, such as a so-called “software failure” that transferred 6,000 Trump votes to Biden.

In Pennsylvania, federal Republican lawmakers in the state questioned the legislation on mail voting on Tuesday (December 1) and filed an emergency injunction request to the US Supreme Court to prevent the Pennsylvania government from certifying the election.

In Maricopa County, Arizona, a judge ruled that Republicans in the state can inspect samples of mailed ballot envelopes to find out whether the state has violated rules during the ballot counting process.

In Wisconsin, on December 1, the Trump legal team filed a lawsuit in the state’s Supreme Court, accusing the state of illegally counting a large number of absentee ballots, a total of approximately 220,000.

The Thomas More Society also held a press conference in Washington DC on Tuesday. Three whistleblowers showed up at the scene and provided a lot of evidence to prove that the illegal actions taken by election officials and how the illegal actions of the USPS (United States Postal Workers Union) affected the election results.

Left media reported that Attorney General William Barr said that he has not seen evidence of widespread election fraud. The Department of Justice issued a statement to refute this, saying that “The Department of Justice will continue to collect and actively pursue all specific and credible Allegations of fraud.”

At the same time, Biden’s “news team” was found to be composed of people from the so-called mainstream media, and the team leader was a female political commentator on CNN. The “Project Veritas” (Project Veritas) revealed that they listened to CNN’s two-month-long editorial morning meeting and learned how CNN planned to force Trump to step down through public opinion. They will announce these contents one after another.

The following is a real-time update:

Sidney Powell: Every patriot should stand up

Former federal prosecutor and well-known Texas attorney Powell shed tears at the hearing held in Joe State on Wednesday, while calling: “Now is the time. Every patriot in our country should stand up and let their voice be heard. , And are counted. Every person in the government, whether local or federal, works for you. If you pay taxes for them, you have the right to choose who you want to choose.”

“There is no kind of voter fraud that isn’t been experienced this year across the country. Georgia was absolutely full of it, rife with voter fraud, but so are other states, including North Carolina and Virginia.”

“Large-scale election fraud has existed from the past to the present. There are many forms, not just the Dominican machine. Many experts have explained to us: The DNA of these software is embedded with fraud genes, so it is easy to be manipulated Yes. We will find that this algorithm for changing the percentage of votes is happening nationwide. There are some places that are not used, but these places are a minority.”

“Let us move on every day and continue to stand up for the truth. Americans and people all over the world have hope for freedom, and this is what these people want to take away from us.” She specifically mentioned to the CCP and other interference in the election.

Linwood: Voting without a machine made in China

Lynwood said at a hearing in Alpharetta, Georgia on Wednesday: “We will not vote with a damn machine made in China!”

The wall read: “In the fight for President Trump (Trump), it is best for all Republicans to be tough. Otherwise, they can kiss the Senate goodbye.”

Dominion contractor testified: Detroit polling center cheated

Melissa Carone, a contractor working for the Dominion Voting System at the TCF Center in Detroit, testified at the Senate Committee hearing on Tuesday (December 1).

She said that she saw fraud throughout the entire period from November 3 to 4.

The former TCF center staff member said: “I witnessed complete fraud in the TCF center. I stayed there for a full 27 hours. The entire batch of votes passed through the tabulating machine several times. I counted it, and it was 8~ 10 times. I saw it with my own eyes. I was there to provide IT support.”

Caron said that when a paper jam occurs during the scanning of ballots, the correct approach is to reset the count on the machine. In other words, give up the (previous) count, and then place the stuck ballots on the top to scan all ballots again.

However, apparently they did not do so, the counter rescanned the ballots, but the count was not reset.

She went on to say that some people in the night shift had no training at all. One of them is her friend, they have known each other for more than 20 years.

Caron said: “They are allowed to do whatever they want. Me, Nick and Samuel who work for Domini are on the stage. They have a contractor, me, and the other is Texa. Someone from Sri Lanka — I have his name on my hand — 90-year-old Miles Smiley (Miles Smiley) is there to help IT work. He lives in Tennessee and has no IT background. So this person Just walking around aimlessly. I’m really the only person—helping these people like crazy.”

Caron said in an interview with The Epoch Times that Domini has not contacted her since she submitted the sworn testimony.

Representative: Congress will challenge the Electoral College when it verifies the results of the election on January 6

Representative Mo Brooks of Alabama told Politico in a report on Wednesday (December 2): “In my judgment, if only qualified U.S. citizens vote legally, Donald Trump (Trump) can win the Electoral College vote by a large margin, and the congressional certification should reflect this.” “This election was stolen by socialists who engaged in extraordinary election fraud and took election theft measures. “

Only when at least one member of the House of Representatives and the Senate question the electoral college vote can the challenge be initiated.

Brooks argued in the report that the November 3 election was affected and had “serious flaws” and that mail voting was “unconstitutional.”

The congressman said that the Supreme Court or other courts are unlikely to overturn the election results because they have no constitutional power.

Linwood: The country is heading for a civil war

Linwood tweeted on Tuesday morning, “Our country is heading for a civil war. This war is made by third-party bad guys for their (own) benefit, not for the benefit of our people.”

He called on President Trump to declare limited martial law if the legislators, courts, and Congress do not abide by the Constitution to hold new elections and protect the people’s right to vote.

On November 12, Linwood also tweeted, “Our country is at war with Communist China. This is a war between justice and evil.” He hoped that the Americans would realize that the real enemy is the CCP.

Linwood stated that the CCP has infiltrated the United States in the past 20 years, and many local, state and national government officials and politicians have been corrupted by the CCP’s money and become the targets of blackmail. Today, the CCP uses the Chinese Communist virus (COVID-19) to attack the United States, and even uses the Dominion voting system to manipulate American elections.

Powell: Witnesses are threatened and call for government protection

On Monday (November 30), Powell said in an interview with Fox that potential witnesses are in danger of losing their jobs, “life is threatened”, and a witness has been “beaten and hospitalized.” She called on the government to provide such protection.

She said: “(Threats and intimidation) have various effects on those who come forward.”

Last Wednesday (25th), Powell filed lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan, bringing the governors of the two states, the secretaries of state and some election officials to court, and issued a large number of testimonies, exposing various frauds in the 2020 U.S. election and Dominion The voting machine transfers the votes cast to Trump to Biden and other frauds.

The Trump team participated in the hearings to announce the evidence of fraud

In the past few days, the Trump legal team has participated in public hearings in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Michigan on election fraud on Wednesday. Dozens of witnesses testified and accused many states of large-scale fraud, which shocked the parliamentarians present.

At present, the Pennsylvania Republican state legislator has formally proposed a resolution to challenge the state’s election results and request that the state’s certification of the presidential election results be withdrawn.

But the state of Arizona on Monday confirmed the “Biden won” election result. Giuliani tweeted: “Governor Dusi of Arizona refused to meet with me. He did not want to explain that he chose a corrupt foreign voting machine company to count votes.” President Trump is also tweeting why Dusi wants to. “Hurry to let” Biden take office?

On Tuesday evening, a spokesperson for the US Department of Justice issued a statement saying that the Department of Justice will continue to collect and actively pursue all specific and credible fraud allegations as soon as possible, and clarify some media misreports. Earlier, Attorney General Barr had instructed local prosecutors to track down substantive allegations of voting and vote counting violations.

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