General Thomas McInerney joined Worldview Weekend Radio again with an interview posted on December 18.

General McInerney is a three-star General retired, go read his bio for new people, in charge of the nuclear weapons inside the Pentagon, in charge of NORAD Alaska, flew for four hundred missions in Vietnam fighting the communists, flew in the Cuban missile crisis. He wants to bring to the American people information so that we are in the loop, understand what is happening, and how we can assist in defending our Constitutional republic.

Lt. General McInerney: “Now, one of the reasons I wanted to be on today was to update where we are because it is something I just found out yesterday and [inaudible] watch the hearings by Senator Johnson today discussing this so I would like to do discussions on both. But first of all the update I have, I have had a document dated 20 November 2020 less than a month ago that was signed out by the president and executive order and declared a national emergency. In that national emergency, I saw there a hundred and thirty-two I think is a number by declaring a national emergency take effect.”

Following are the key points of the interview:

Limited Martial Law

Lt. General McInerney stated:

“There were five areas that I thought the president had to do. Number one was his executive order of 12 September 2018, he should execute that. However, he has done an update execution in the one I just mentioned on the 20th of November last month, two years ago, 12 September 2018. By declaring a national emergency, it authorizes him to declare Martial Law. Now, Martial Law has been declared I think sixty sometimes in our history and States during the civil war, etc.

When he declares Martial Law, it enables him to suspend habeas corpus and it also enables him to suppress in the reason we recommend it before Braddock. We know once the facts come out and show the corruptness and the fraudulent voting in this election, and it was not hidden, it is wide open just the courts have not allowed it to be exposed. But once it is and it will be exposed, then the president’s going to have to suppress both Black Lives Matter and Antique. We know already they have shown what they will do in riots in Seattle, Portland, Washington DC, New York City, etc. They are primed to go if they do not get it their way. As I have said before, that must be crushed and crushed quickly having the authority to use Martial Law enables him to do that. Now, there is one little rub there with the term called Posse Comitatus. It talks about the military arresting people. You can not supposed to do that. You can if you are in the national guard but not in the active-duty military. For that reason, I think he ought to also implement the Insurrection Act. The two together, Martial Law and the Insurrection Act allow active-duty forces to arrest rioters and people trying to create an Insurrection in the United States. That is very important. So, what I have just said to you is the train has left the station. The train left the station on the 20th of November and it is moving…”

A soft coup d’etat

McInerney said:

“…Since we have seen the legislators in all the states did not follow their rules for the election. They had the mail-in ballots a whole host of things that were not in counting ballots up to three to five days after the polls closed, etc. They did not make those changes. They were made by secretaries of State, by governors, as well as States Supreme Court’s. That is not in consonance with the Constitution. To be in consonance with the Constitution means the legislators had to make those changes. So all those votes for mail-in ballots and all that came in are illegal in accordance with the Constitution yet the Supreme Court of the United States, the Scotus, as we refer to them, passed it up by saying when Texas came in and had eighteen States supporting them, that there were violations in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Scotus took the position of lack of standing which is a cop-out. They should have at least heard the issues and if they did not like them, but they copped out because of the Chief Justice— Well, I am going to be kind to him but he is corrupt. We now have given their three bills left there according to Sydney [inaudible] in front of the Supreme Court. If they do not take any of them and say lack of standing and that is when I believe the President, if not sooner, should declare Martial Law, suspend habeas corpus, set up military tribunals, and also activate the Insurrection Act, then he should start arresting the ringleaders. He knows who they are. I know who they are. I have only been working there since the 1st of November. He is been working a lot longer. Arrest those leaders and the same people that did the Russian collusion, the same people that did the impeachment in the house and the senate or attempted impeachment. They are the same people that have been trying to take this government down. They have been trying to do a coup d’etat, the soft one. This one is a little harder.”

Foreign interference to U.S. election

“And because they did it and we are overwhelmed, the massive cyberwarfare campaign that they conducted as the largest in history, they made mistakes and they came out. We know in cases that one driver drove from New York to Pennsylvania. He was carrying two hundred and twenty-eight thousand ballots from New York to Pennsylvania. We know Pennsylvania was probably the most egregious of them all, mail 1.8 million ballots to its citizens for mail-in balance. It got back 2.5 million for somebody who had a printing press or that driver go there. The printing press we have indications are that China was producing many of these ballots. Their involvement has been in more than the one they put on 8 October 2020. They bought the Dominion, a holding company that holds the Dominion voting system. They invested four hundred million dollars in it. We have evidence that they manipulated some of these voting machines. But most of all and it is now clear as can be that COVID-19 came from the Wuhan medical laboratory facility. We knew that. The president calls it the COVID disease. Well, the cloak covid pandemic. Well, it is now obvious they did that to impact our elections. Now, what party has gained the advantage by COVID-19? Without a doubt, virtually all of those States has mail-in ballots that came from democratic governors and democratic sectors of State, not true in Georgia might add.”

“But in any case, it is now apparent on patterns of behavior that the COVID-19 came in the year 2020 for a reason. The presidential election campaign. The Chinese have been furious with what President Trump has done to, absolutely furious. Now, the question that we have to work on, and I think there is some evidence from this is Dr. Fauci and the CDC gave three and a half million dollars to the Wuhan laboratory. What are the relationships that we have? What did some of our billionaires [inaudible] American technologists do in China? What is going on there? They clearly wanted and they are all Democrats and they clearly wanted President Trump out of there. Now that is just my perception, initial studies of what is going on. It just hit me square in the fact that Wuhan, that COVID-19 was part of the attack axis against our voting system in the presidential elections. So I believe that we will hear from John Radcliffe, the DNI will hear some very interesting things this Friday if not sooner. That I believe should mean the President declared Martial Law and particularly after listening to the democratic senators as if everything was just fine. It was a perfect election like Chris Krebs who runs CISA which is a Cyberwarfare Infrastructure Security Agency and was fired by the President, as he should have been, calling it a perfect election. My goodness. I can go through a whole host of facts and I have said here before that shows the difference from the down ballots. The Republicans won all their down ballots, twenty-27 out of twenty-seven. It is still open and some but I think we clipped thirteen or fifteen members in the house.”

Chris Krebs: “Oh, this was a fair and clean election.”

Lt. General McInerney said:

On Mr. Krebs, he again said that it was the cleanest election, the fairest ever. Without a doubt, it was so violently wrong. In the list, there are over a thousand affidavits that Rudy Giuliani’s team, the Trump team lawyers want to present to the court and they cannot. So, for him to still at this day and age that even the mainstream media puts on pictures of him in Georgia, of them pulling vote set out from underneath the table after they cleared out all the observers and started cranking through multiple times and he still is saying that. So you know that he is complicit in these treasonous acts because he had to be a ringleader.”

“It is extremely important that they know that this election is not over. We are not going to surrender and by implementing and declaring Martial Law, it enables the President to do a number of things. For instance, to investigate an issue. In this case, we need a thorough investigation with very learned and esteemed Americans into this whole case and primarily in the battleground States but in all of them. Because I believe, Virginia was won by President Trump and there are other states that were won by President Trump.”

“He won in a landslide, but in any case to get a thorough review, which will probably mean that we will have to slip the inauguration on the 20th of January 2021, but it must be done. People say, “Well, let us fix it in 2024.” No. It must be done now and that is what Martial Law enables the President to number one, investigate it, to suspend habeas corpus, to suspend the judicial system because they have failed. Not one, maybe one in Wisconsin that released that report on the Dominion voting machines, but virtually out of the sixty-some cases going to judges in the country, not one of them have gone in to look at it further. They always say lack of standing or something like that. So, get this thoroughly investigated in the public scheme, in the public forum. Let the American people see like we watch today the Senate argue and discuss the voting system and that was enlightening. You could tell the people that we are not interested. They were covering up like Krebs. You can tell the people that we are serious and very thoughtful and including the chairman, Senator Johnson. Since the judicial system has failed you put in military tribunals, habeas corpus as I mentioned is suspended with Martial Law. You can investigate fraud. You have all these tools in Martial Law and enable you to do a thorough job and have serious people do it not politicize. We must take it out of the political environment because it is the future of this nation, of this Republic. Are we going to continue as a Republic? Or are we going to be a dictatorial regime? And that is what we are right now if we do not proceed further.”

“But I knew do know that once they are arrested, and that is why you have got to suspend habeas corpus so you can question them, they are going to start singing. I personally think the number of already singing right now and that is why the President and John Radcliffe, the DNI, hopefully, know what I know. There is more than ample proof. I can just assure the American people there is more than ample proof of the exact date time group when they change the votes in each State, etc. when they use the cyberwarfare. Now the other cases of driving the balance, for instance, from New York to Pennsylvania of double stuffing the ballots. Those are all in the affidavits. That is the analog world and you have the digital world where they come together. There are lots of people that are going to be tried for fraudulent voting and those people are going to tell us why they did it. There is a small number, I do not know, a hundred and fifty, that is not small I guess that should be tried for treason and that is very obvious.”

Shut down the mainstream media?

Lt. General McInerney said:

“I would also try the mainstream media. Maybe with Martial Law, the president will have to shut down the mainstream media because we have already seen that they are complicit. They are already have identified themselves as being complicit. That is the advantage of Martial Law. When the facts come out, the American people will know that they will find out exactly what happened in this election and maybe they will not know why. I think I know why because if you see what these governors are doing in California, in New York, New Jersey, etc., they are locking our people down using COVID-19 as the excuse.

What they are trying to do is get the American people, this middle class that has been so creative is to lose all hope, lose their business, and then they will be like sheep and can move into that socialist world dependent upon the government and whatever the government says. No, no, we are not going to surrender and we are not going to live in that kind of world. Those governors will never be re-elected in the Democratic party, going to be a long time before I believe they are going to have governorships in those States because they have betrayed their people on what they are doing and how they misuse the COVID-19. Not only in the election process but in the economic process. So that is what we are facing. What I want to do now is throw it back to you, Brannon, and let us discuss this, get some questions from our audience, and you, and go into in a little more depth.”

“For former US President Obama to create an organization called the Organization for Action, OFA, and to hire thirty-two thousand five hundred and twenty-five Marxists and Socialist staff members and set up the staff fifty state offices. In turn, they immobilized five million volunteers to work at opposing President Trump and this was funded by one of our great Americans, George Soros. My goodness. Why would his name pop up like this? He started out funding it at forty million dollars four years ago.”

The last word

Lt. General McInerney: “It is larger than any of us ever thought of just a rigged election. It is to take the United States of America into a Socialist Communist World. It starts out in socialism and moves in communism. It is that simple. Wake up America. Now is the time that we must take this threat on.”