The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and Dominion Voting Systems refused Monday to provide routers requested in subpoenas from Republicans in the Arizona Senate.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann and Republican Senator Warren Petersen issued the subpoenas on July 26, seeking materials to help finish the audit of Maricopa County’s November election ballots.

The subpoena requested that Maricopa County and Dominion provide routers used in the elections, security information for accessing tabulating machines, network data logs, mail-ballot envelopes, certain voter registration records, and any records related to alleged data breaches during the election.

Maricopa County again refused to turn over its routers. Thomas Liddy, a county attorney, said that producing the equipment could expose “confidential data belonging to Maricopa County citizens” or make law enforcement’s communications’ infrastructure “extremely vulnerable to hackers.”

Dominion, which makes the election equipment used by Maricopa County, also refused to comply with the request, calling it “illegal and unenforceable.” Dominion said that it only provides its security keys and confidential passwords to “authorized recipients” that are “specifically approved by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission” and complying with the subpoena “would cause grave harm.”

In a statement, Fann said she saw some progress in the efforts to get Maricopa County to cooperate, but criticized the lack of full compliance, according to The Arizona Republic.

“It is unfortunate the noncompliance by the County and Dominion continues to delay the results and breeds distrust,” Fann said.

The team running the audit finished counting the ballots last week, but it may still be weeks before a report is ready.

Arizona GOP chair Kelli Ward slams corrupt election officials for “violating” State law

On Wednesday, Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward wrote a commentary that hammered corrupt election officials who are “working against the will of the people” to obstruct the historic full forensic audit taking place in the state.

Ward even posits a new name for the sellouts, like corrupt AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, calling them “Electocrats.”

Recently, a clear pattern has emerged. When bureaucracies have their actions examined, they first declare themselves to be the experts. They then are deeply offended that anyone would question their authority. Then they proceed to marginalize anyone who continues to challenge them. The corporate media and Big Tech aids them in a smear and indignation campaign.

Now we are finding the same pattern when it comes to election integrity and the Establishment that surrounds our elections industry. And it is just that, an industry.”

Ward feels that it’s “common sense” to go back and thoroughly review what happened in the election. This unfortunately was not the case. Once a forensic audit was mentioned, the authoritarians went into “overdrive” to stop it from happening.

“The full forensic audit of the Maricopa County 2020 General Election, commissioned by the Arizona State Senate, has had a bullseye painted on its back by the Electocrats from the start.”

The GOP Chairwoman also points out how the Arizona audit has already found thousands of fraudulent ballots that did not have the required serial number on them – a clear violation of Arizona State Statutes (A.R.S. section 16-621), and even the Arizona Elections Procedures Manual (p.202). 

“Elections are too important to leave up to the Electocrats, and America’s Audit is holding them accountable.”

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