The Maricopa County Election team claims they do not have ‘Admin’ access to their voting machines. If this is the case, then the County did not own the election process they ceded it to their external vendor.

Maricopa County Didn’t Have Password to Look Into Admin Functions of Voting Machines. The War Room looks into another story in Maricopa involving the voting machines.

This shows that the election was not run by the County, it was in essence subcontracted to Dominion which is likely not provided for in the law. The election function should be run by County election employees, not some subcontractor.

Maricopa County Election Audit Could Last Longer Than Expected

The audit of 2020 election ballots and machines in Arizona’s largest county could go beyond mid-May, an official said on May 3.

State Senate President Karen Fann, a Republican, booked the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum through May 14 to conduct the audit, which is reviewing more than 2 million ballots cast in Maricopa County in the presidential election, along with 385 tabulators and other machines used last year.

Former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, a Republican tapped by Fann as the audit’s liaison, had expressed confidence that the process would be finished by May 14. But he told The Epoch Times on May 3 that it could run longer.

“There’s no deadline for the audit,” Bennett said. “The goal is not speed; the goal is accuracy and completeness.” (More detail here)