Michigan attorney Matthew DePerno joined the War Room with huge news on the voting machines’ abilities.

‘Explosive’ evidence found in Antrim County 2020 election fraud case

Matthew DePerno insisted that forensic images, which follow a judge-approved forensic audit of the Antrim County election results, voting machines, and software in December, asserted there were multiple ways there could have been issues with ballot tabulation and called on state legislators to conduct a statewide audit of the election.

“It’s nearly impossible to uncover fraud unless you have an actual audit of the ballots,” DePerno said after claiming his team determined they had the capability to flip votes. DePerno said his team made new discoveries as recently as this weekend.

The results in Antrim County, a county in Northern Michigan with about 23,000 residents, initially showed President Joe Biden winning the race, but tabulation errors were quickly discovered, and once rectified, Trump was shown to be the victor.

State and county officials have blamed human error, a failure to properly update software across the county, for the mishap, but Bailey and DePerno contend Dominion Voting Systems machines could have been used to manipulate the election in a lawsuit that initially concerned a local marijuana retailer proposal.

Bailey and DePerno picked Allied Security Operations Group, a Dallas-based cybersecurity firm, to perform a “forensic audit” of the Dominion machines on Dec. 6. In a report, ASOG concluded that Dominion machines were “intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.”

DePerno claimed last week the recount in December tallied 15,962 ballots, but only 14,901 votes were shown in the Michigan secretary of state’s database, meaning 1,061 don’t exist on voter rolls. He said this was evidence of the existence of “phantom ballots.”

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