Michigan attorney Matthew DePerno filed a lawsuit, challenging voter fraud and electronic meddling with 2020 elections in his state.

“Our states give access to people to the qualified voter rolls,” DePerno explained. “We believe that the state of Michigan has given over 32 groups access to the qualified voter roll.”

The lawsuit, filed last week, is based on several forensic reports. These reports revealed thousands of ballots were illegally cast for Joe Biden and there was electronic manipulation of votes.

DePerno found more than 66,000 unregistered ballots were counted in nine Michigan counties.

The suit also cited a forensic analysis by James Penrose, who found voting machines illegally used wireless technology to transmit vote totals to third parties.

“That includes Rock the Vote, the Clinton campaign, all of those people have access to the voter roll and can make changes to it at any time,” DePerno said. “Add people to it, take people out. During the election, the night of the election, the day after the election.”

DePerno also cited a report by Cyber Ninjas, who found Dominion voting machines in Antrim County provided unauthorized access to third parties, allowing vote tallies to be changed in real-time. He added this could be direct evidence of votes being switched from President Trump to Biden by foreign countries and Democrat operatives in Washington.

“Based on data, we believe we can identify foreign connections to the particular MAC or IP addresses in particular counties across the state. Interference, foreign interference, even domestic interference from D.C.,” DePerno explained. “Certain people making attacks on counties, on Election Day hitting particular targets and firewalls.”

Additional evidence by Allied Security Operations Group, also cited in the lawsuit, found Dominion machines in Michigan were designed to create systemic fraud and change election outcomes.

“They all have the same vulnerabilities that we’ve found. They have the same backdoors that we’ve found,” DePerno said. “They’re designed intentionally to allow for this type of problem. There’s no reason you couldn’t create or design a system that is secure.”

The lawsuit contains dozens of pages of data from Michigan voting machines, including unauthorized software and the fragments of code that were arguably compromised.

DePerno said this lawsuit will start a domino effect exposing election fraud in other states, and show that Joe Biden’s purported victory was illegitimate.

(Source: One American News Network)

Judge quashes Antrim ‘fishing expedition’ subpoenas

A judge characterized subpoenas filed by a plaintiff’s attorney in an Antrim County lawsuit as a “fishing expedition,” as he ruled clerks in four Michigan counties do not need to provide election data as part of discovery in the case.

“The plaintiff must have more than mere conjecture, more than speculation, to support its request to discover information from these other counties,” said 13th Circuit Court Chief Judge Kevin Elsenheimer, during a four-hour motion hearing Monday.

The ruling is among the latest court action in an ongoing election-related lawsuit filed Nov. 23 by attorney Matthew DePerno, on behalf of a Central Lake Township man, Bill Bailey, who accuses the county of voter fraud and of violating his constitutional rights.

“Without same, requiring non-parties to comply with requests like this would indeed be burdensome, would be tantamount to a fishing expedition,” Elsenheimer added, “and as I said, would be unnecessarily burdensome to the clerks.”

In March DePerno subpoenaed clerks in eight Michigan counties — Barry, Charlevoix, Grand Traverse, Kent, Livingston, Macomb, Oakland and Wayne — seeking their poll tapes, ballots, logs, tally servers, election management servers, election media, spreadsheets and canvasser notes from the 2020 election.

DePerno contended in court filings that Michigan was among four “battleground” states that had implemented an “algorithm used to regulate and shift votes in the 2020 elections” and that data from the eight counties would be used as a “control group” to discern fraud in Antrim County.

(Source: Record Eagle)

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