On the third day of their long journey toward the United States’ southern border, a massive migrant caravan organized via QR code left the town of Huehuetán in southern Mexico on Monday morning.

The caravan, which is mostly made up of Central Americans, South Americans, and Haitians, is the largest and most organized of its kind this year, with participants registering to join via QR code beginning on October 15.

“Tell Biden we are coming,” one migrant named William from El Salvador told Fox News.

Fox News video showed thousands of migrants, including small children pushed in strollers, walking north about 20 miles north of Tapachula. At the front of the caravan, one migrant carried a large wooden cross, while others carried American flags and signs bearing President Biden’s name.

“President Biden, we need your help,” one migrant said.


Texas braces for the ‘mother of all caravans’

  • About 3,000 migrants, including 250 children, are marching from southern Mexico to the country’s border with the United States 
  • The migrants departed the border town of Tapachula, in Chiapas, on Saturday and were resting in Huehuetán under the hot sun on Monday
  • The group, called by organizers the ‘Madre Caravana’ or ‘Mother Caravan,’ plans to reaching Mexico City to demand documents to move freely across Mexico
  • At least 1,000 state troopers and Texas Rangers are currently assigned to monitor the border with Mexico as part of the state’s Operation Lone Star

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