Mike Lindell (CEO of My Pillow) released a new documentary today (Feb 5th) where he lists the material instances of fraud in the 2020 Presidential election.

This effort was a culmination of the work of many individuals who wanted to expose the fraud in the 2020 election for President of the United States.

In the documentary, Lindell spent millions in an effort to get out the truth about the 2020 election.  Embedded below is a copy of that video:

Mike Lindell challenges Dominion executives and lawyers to watch his explosive BANNED documentary

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell joins War Room live from Mar-a-Lago to discuss the hard evidence of election fraud in his new documentary Absolute Proof.

Lindell and his team also provide more resources at: https://theamericanreport.org/2021/01/03/proof-positive-coordinated-cyberwarfare-attack-against-us-by-china-russia-iran-iraq-pakistan-to-steal-election-from-trump/”>The American Report

Twitter censoring OANN airing of Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Proof” Special – exposing data and facts about the 2020 election. OAN has been suspended on Twitter for 11hrs. Twitter claims the contents in the link below are too “dangerous” to be viewed.”

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