MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has urged the U.S. Supreme Court to “immediately” vote to reinstate former President Donald Trump in the interest of eliminating “communists” from America.

During a segment on Lindell TV that was shared to Twitter on Monday by PatriotTakes, Lindell insisted that Trump won the 2020 presidential election in such an obvious manner that the justices will not even need to consider any evidence before putting Trump back in office.

“They don’t even have to deliberate and say, ‘what do you think of the evidence?'” Lindell said. “They’re already going to say ‘hello, it’s a coffee cup!’ I’m mean it’s our, or it’s a…like I’ve used the example, you know, is this a coffee cup?”

“They all nine go, ‘yes, this is all they…he kept from the election. Donald Trump won. W\e got to vote 9-0 immediately to pull this down and get rid of whatever…the communists who are here.'”

Earlier, Lindell insists that the contest was “hacked” by China and has vowed to present “non-subjective evidence” at a “cyber-symposium” that he will be hosting in August.

“Our country was attacked by China, the election was hacked,” Lindell said during a press conference in Washington, D.C. on Friday. “We’re gonna have a cyber-symposium. Which I’m bringing…I have all the packet captures from the election… that’s 100 percent non-subjective evidence.”

The MyPillow CEO said that his “cyber experts” would show “packet captures” that are “100 percent, non-subjective evidence.”

Lindell said that the August event would be attended by cyber experts, politicians and the media.

“It’s gonna be 9-0. They’re gonna take this election down and yes, Donald Trump will be your president. He is your president now,” Lindell insisted. He went on to attack Dominion repeatedly in his remarks. “These criminals, they used this and committed one of the biggest crimes against humanity, were part of it, in history,” the businessman claimed of Dominion.

Mike Lindell announces a cyber symposium (probably August 10-12) and says within an hour of attending everyone will go “wow.” Alex Jones will schedule his vacation around this event.

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