On December 4th 2020, Miles Guo (Guo Wengui) delivered several hard-hitting messages about the near future. Not only did Miles speak about the coming military conflict against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), he also talked about the preparations being made to help refugees.

Who is Miles Guo (Guo Wengui)?

He is an exiled Chinese billionaire businessman who became a political activist and controls Beijing Zenith Holdings (via proxy people Li Lin and Jiang Yuehua), and other assets. At the peak of his career, he was 73rd among the richest in China. Guo fled to the United States in late 2014, after learning he was going to be arrested under allegations of CCP.

Between 2018 and 2020, Guo launched two media projects with Steve Bannon, G News and GTV Media Group.

Guo and Bannon also founded the New Federal State of China movement on June 4, which aims to put an end to the CCP. They seem to have the support of millions of Chinese, mainly Hong Kongers.
“The elimination of the Chinese Communist Party is essential to break the shackles of slavery imposed on the Chinese people, and also to achieve peace in the world,” reads the declaration of the New Federal State of China.

According to GNews, Miles gave his estimates on the different scenarios and a lot depends on how courageous the people with character in Beijing are. But will they act now, while there is still time?

The point of no return has been reached

Miles Guo said:

“The last door to eliminate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)has finally been opened and no one can stop it. The most urgent and important thing is to spread the truth and information on a timely basis. It is critical to keep GTV and GNews running as smoothly as we can.

Our killer tool has not been released yet. No matter what the future situation in China will be, we will ensure that the communication between our Whistleblower Movement fighters and followers can flow as freely as possible within China and outside of China. This way, we can reduce misjudgements and avoid being controlled by the CCP and the global dark forces. Our clear and reliable communication will play a key role during the time facing the upcoming war against the CCP.”

The assessment and predictions

“There is a 70% chance that China will slip into a disastrous situation when the international allies launch attacks to get rid of the CCP.

There is only a 30% chance that a military coup within the CCP will succeed and destroy the CCP and thus pave the way to have a peaceful transition to a democratic government.

If the Chinese people are lucky, CCP leaders like Hu Chunhua, Wang Yang, Premier Li Keqiang, Zhao Kezhi, Ding Xuexiang, Guo Shengkun and some young military generals from the PLA will take down the CCP criminals responsible for the release of the CCP-virus to the world, and for the manipulation of the U.S. election.

They should then form a transitional government to cooperate with the West and the Chinese people may still have a chance to enjoy a peaceful social transition before it is too late in 3 months time.

This hope really depends on how many CCP insiders will truly open their minds and take decisive action, NOW! However, the Western strategists who planned the military action estimate that there is only a 5% chance for this scenario to happen vs the 30% chance I assessed. Time is passing very quickly.”

The upcoming targeted strikes

“It is said that during the CCP’s NPC and CPPCC, national congress convention scheduled for March 2021, the military action from Western allies will target more than 3,700 strategic CCP military targets for a simultaneous attack. This will cover the Great Hall of the People, the PLA headquarters in Beijing, its nuclear, and biochemical weapons bases. The attack may cause a series of earthquakes of 6-8 magnitude wherever it strikes.

The dark forces of the world hope that China will have a widespread disaster and social unrest so that these forces can still cultivate the next new Chinese government in the post-CCP era, and continue to control China’s enslaved people.”

Rescue Plan of Whistleblower Movement


Our folks in Cambodia, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Thailand have started preparations to assist refugee camps in Asia after the upcoming military action against the CCP starts,

More than two hundred of our fighters and donors have left China recently,

Japan will become the core command base for humanitarian rescue in Asia,

Japan is the first base in Asia, followed by Vietnam, India, South Korea, and maybe Taiwan,

From Ryukyu to Saipan island, and Russia, all have resources available,

All of branches of the New Federal State of China in the world, are urged to make a series of preparations for this upcoming event,

Safety for our fighters and followers are the first priority at this moment,

All of our contacts must follow our official announcement and do not be fooled by the CCP!”

“Fighters/Donors -2:

The second base outside Asia will be in the United States,

Sara and Brother Changdao will be in charge of it,

We will establish bases in Europe,

We need a second base in Korea, but we are concerned about the Korean government,

Australia and New Zealand will also establish rescue bases.”

China domestic analysis

“The CCP top leaders are fully aware of the trend of the situation, yet they are still deceiving the public.

In reality, we can only rescue a small part of the more than one billion people. The most important and realistic thing for us is to provide reliable and actionable information and food. If we can do that, this will be our greatest success.”

Cooperation with Western governments

“We have two goals:

  • To reduce external pressure on China, we must determine the fastest way to arrest the CCP-virus decision makers and the executors of their plans, and those who are responsible for manipulating the U.S. election,
  • To prevent the dark forces from getting involved in cultivating the next regime in China that the dark forces can control.

The abolition of the CCP is a unified consensus, regardless what naive people in China think.”

Assessment of the military situation

“The leaders of this military intervention plan are convinced that the Western countries, including their allies in the Middle East, and the previous pro-China countries have reached an unprecedented state of reunification. As long as the CCP is the confirmed maker of the CCP-virus, the CCP must be wiped from the face of the earth. This has been an unrestricted war with biological weapons with the strategic goal to take over the U.S., aided by the manipulation of its presidential election and it is also a genocide perpetrated against the population of the world.”

The future of Hong Kong and Taiwan

“Hong Kong may become a demolition waste site. When the CCP faces its doomsday by the Western allies, it will turn Hong Kong into a slaughterhouse. Hong Kong has a great chance (70%) of becoming a pile of building debris in the future! A human slaughterhouse! Regardless of whether or not the people of Hong Kong believe it!”

The evil schemes of Facebook and Twitter

“Facebook’s Zuckerberg wanted to participate in politics, for what reason? Why did he, at a big risk, help Joe Biden? For what purpose?

He asked for just one thing: the new “president”, Joe Biden can approve his Libra virtual currency so that he can become the king of finance in the world!

What is Twitter’s calculation on censoring and suppressing freedom of speech and collaborating with the CCP? It wants to enter China as a global search engine! It also wants to be a distributor of all virtual currencies in China, because then it can control half of China! All of IBM’s quantum technologies will have to work with Twitter and Facebook!

The end game of the media is politics and money!”

Xi Jinping said China was ready to “fight war with war”

China President Xi Jinping on Oct. 22 has warned that Beijing is not afraid of war, in a speech to mark 70 years since Chinese troops entered the Korean War.

Quoting Mao Zedong, President Xi said: “Let the world know that the ‘people of China are now organised and are not to be trifled with’.”

President Xi said China was ready to “fight war with war”.

At the military base near Shantou in the east of the province, on Oct. 23, Xi also told marines they should aim to be a “multifunctional, rapid response, all-weather and region” fighting force.

“[You should] focus your minds and energy on preparing to go to war, and stay highly vigilant,” Xi said, according to state broadcaster CCTV.

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