Wayne Dupree posted that initial reports of Nancy Pelosi’s laptop being stolen are now confirmed.

Wayne Dupree added: “Nancy Pelosi is in self-preservation mode right now as word spreads that her laptop was stolen on January 6th during the Capitol melee.”

Earlier, Reuters report: “Laptop stolen from Pelosi’s office during storming of U.S. Capitol, says aide”.

From Reuters 

A laptop was stolen from the office of U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, one of her aides said on Friday.

Drew Hammill, an aide to Democrat Pelosi, said on Twitter that the laptop belonged to a conference room and was used for presentations. He declined to offer further details.

The theft of electronic devices from congressional offices has been a persistent worry following the invasion by pro-Trump followers. They were encouraged by Republican President Donald Trump at a rally beforehand to march to the Capitol while Congress was certifying Democrat Joe Biden’s Nov. 3 election win.

Senator Jeff Merkley, a Democrat, said on Twitter on Thursday that a laptop was taken from his office.

The demonstrators who broke into the Capitol posted several photographs of themselves using congressional phones and various other devices. One reporter with the right-wing outlet Blaze posted a photograph of what purported to be a computer from Pelosi’s office with emails “still on the screen.”

Pro-Trump supporters flooded the Capitol during the certification of the Electoral College results – forcing lawmakers to shelter in secure locations, hide in offices, and bunker in the upper balcony of the House chamber after becoming trapped inside.

“Until it is found, we are left to wonder what kind of information might be on that laptop, including any messages, reports, and emails that might pose security risks…or be incriminating to the speaker and her colleagues,” 100percentfedup says.

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) tweeted out a video Wednesday night of the destruction to his office in which he noted that the rioters had “stolen the laptop that was sitting on the table next to the telephone.”

Some experts and members of Congress have begun to raise concerns around the potential cybersecurity and data privacy ramifications of technological devices being stolen from members of Congress, The Hill reports.

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