The Presidential “election” held in November 2020 was a kaleidoscope of foreign interference. From the parent company of Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. receiving a $400 million infusion from a subsidiary of a Swiss/CCP slush fund within a month of the election to Dominion’s intellectual property being held by The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) as collateral, American citizens face the unique problem of trying to identity which part of their election system is actually controlled by Americans.

Just before January 6th, an Italian lawyer named Alfio D’Urso, in a signed statement, alleged that Arturo D’Elia, an Italian programming prodigy whose work experience includes the U.S. Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations and NATO, confessed to an election cyber-attack using military encryption. In D’Urso’s video statement, he states that D’Elia’s involvement in the cyber-attack is known by a “security services official.” To date, these allegations have been difficult to corroborate as D’Elia was arrested in December 2020 and is currently behind held in Salerno under house arrest. Equally curious is the time frame of the alleged crime, which is from 2015-2017. Maria Zack, who originally broke the story, stated that the arrest of D’Elia for a crime he apparently committed three years earlier was to keep him from fleeing the country and testifying about the cyber-attack.

Carlo Goria, the author, is the nephew of the 46th Prime Minister of Italy, Giovanni Goria. Based on the letterhead and address listed, he is affiliated with the American firm USAerospace Partners and a private security firm, G7 International Srl. A trained Italian linguist noted peculiarities with the letter, such as basic misspellings, that suggest it was hastily written or put through a translation tool. These errors, along with incorrect details (D’Elia was a consultant to Leonardo, not the “IT manager”), have been fodder for the mainstream media “debunking” articles.

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