As of mid-October, the coronavirus has infected over 40 million people and killed more than one million around the world. Like many other Western countries, the United States has been awakened by the disinformation and lies from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and has begun to reshape its strategy with regard to China.

Officials agree that the CCP has waged a political war with the international community and that Western society needs to act and stop the CCP’s totalitarian expansion.

  • From former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani
  • Retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Robert Spalding
  • Sam Brownback, the U.S. Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom
  • U.S. Attorney General William Barr
  • The Secretary of Defense Mark Esper
  • U.S. Senator Ted Cruz
  • White House Adviser Peter Navarro
  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
  • David Stilwell, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs
  • FBI Director Christopher Wray
  • Policy Adviser Miles Yu

Former New York City Mayor: Countering the “CCP Virus”

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani said on October 6 that the CCP intentionally kept the border open to maximize losses in the world associated with coronavirus.

On the same day, he referred to the coronavirus as the “CCP virus” on Twitter. During a recent interview, he explained that using the term of CCP virus would help hold the communist regime accountable for the pandemic. “When they closed down China, they knew how dangerous this was. And they wanted to make sure that the rest of the world was damaged as much as China was. That’s a totally despicable thing to do. You could consider it an act of war if you want,” he added.

He said the CCP is different from Chinese people, who themselves are also victims of the regime. “I thought it’d be much better to call it the CCP virus, because this is not the Chinese people…The vast majority of Chinese people have no idea. They were even the victims of this. They were as victimized as we were,” explained Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor
Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor

Retired Air Force General: A Political Warfare

Retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Robert Spalding said the CCP has launched political warfare against the U.S. for its own benefits.

In October 2019, Spalding published a book with a title of Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept. “The media often suggest that Russia poses the greatest threat to America’s national security, but the real danger lies farther east… China has waged a six-front war on America’s economy, military, diplomacy, technology, education, and infrastructure—and they’re winning,” he wrote in the book.

With new development in the past few months, Spalding noticed the CCP has been taking advantage of social media. “Using modern technology to control the narrative in order to have social, political, and economic influence. It’s really a fabulous weapon of war,” he explained.

For example, while the CCP banned Facebook and Twitter in China, it extends its influence to the free world through WeChat and TikTok. When the international community took action against the CCP, it reacted with hypocrisy. “The Chinese Communist Party is completely two-faced and saying, ‘Hey, why are you blocking WeChat and TikTok,’ when they do that, behind the Great Firewall, having spent a lot of time negotiating with the People’s Liberation Army,” he added.

Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom: Biggest Human Rights Violator

Sam Brownback, the U.S. Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom, emphasized the importance of humanity in a recent article with a title of “Humanity Will Win the Battle for Religious Freedom—Here’s Why.”

“Led by conscience and kindness, people radiate grace all the time, sometimes with simple, unprompted smiles, and others with a gift of love,” he wrote, “Humanity is why religious freedom will always win out against governments and non-state actors seeking to repress and control it.”

In a recent interview, he explained that it is in the innate nature of the human being to have dignified freedom. “We want to be free, and there is just no government that over an extended period of time can suppress that. What we’ve seen taking place recently, certainly within the last couple of decades, is really governments confining these human rights and human dignity, particularly on religious freedom,” he added.

One example is the CCP. He said China is at war with faith, targeting groups such as Tibetan Buddhists, Uyghurs, and Falun Gong practitioners. “For years, the world kind of turned a blind eye to what the Falun Gong was saying about organ harvesting,” he remarked, adding now there are numerous reports that confirm the existence of forced organ harvesting.

He called on more support to the religious belief. “The Communist Party, communism as a philosophy, has had trouble with faith from its very beginning. It’s always persecuted faith,” he explained, “If you don’t stand up to the bully, they just keep coming.”

He said there are many things we can do as individuals. “I hope people will really engage on this topic on a personal level, make it something that they become educated about, and advocate to their elected representatives, to people that they’re around, that they write about it because the human rights projects around the world have been in decline for the last 20 to 25 years,” he concluded.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr: The U.S. Response to the Global Ambitions of the CCP Is the Most Important Issue in the 21st Century

In a speech on China Policy at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Michigan on July 16, 2020, U.S. Attorney General William Barr issued a warning: “the most important issue for our nation and the world in the twenty-first century — that is, the United States’ response to the global ambitions of the Chinese Communist Party.”

AG Barr said, “The CCP rules with an iron fist over one of the great ancient civilizations of the world. It seeks to leverage the immense power, productivity, and ingenuity of the Chinese people to overthrow the rules-based international system and to make the world safe for dictatorship. How the United States responds to this challenge will have historic implications and will determine whether the United States and its liberal democratic allies will continue to shape their own destiny or whether the CCP and its autocratic tributaries will control the future.”

AG Barr explained that the CCP is no longer hiding its power or biding its time, as the CCP’s General Secretary, Xi Jinping, is speaking openly about its approach to the “center stage,” “building a socialism that is superior to capitalism” and replacing the American dream with “Chinese solutions.” 

“To tilt the playing field to its advantage, China’s communist government has perfected a wide array of predatory and often unlawful tactics: currency manipulation, tariffs, quotas, state-led strategic investment and acquisitions, theft and forced transfer of intellectual property, state subsidies, dumping, cyberattacks, and espionage. About 80% of all federal economic espionage prosecutions have alleged conduct that would benefit the Chinese state, and about 60% of all trade secret theft cases have had a nexus to China.”

AG Barr pointed out that China’s progress in key trade routes and infrastructure shows that the CCP’s predatory economic policies are succeeding. For one hundred years, the United States had the world’s largest manufacturing capability, which allowed it to serve as the world’s “arsenal of democracy.” But after China surpassed the United States in manufacturing output in 2010, it quickly rose to the “arsenal of dictatorship” of the world. 

“Although Americans hoped that trade and investment would liberalize China’s political system, the fundamental character of the regime has never changed. It remains an authoritarian, one-party state in which the Communist Party wields absolute power, unchecked by popular elections, the rule of law, or an independent judiciary. The CCP surveils its own people and assigns them social credit scores, employs an army of government censors, tortures dissidents, and persecutes religious and ethnic minorities, including a million Uighurs detained in indoctrination and labor camps.”

“If what happened in China stayed in China, that would all be bad enough. But instead of America changing China, China is leveraging its economic power to change America.”

He called for a reassessment of U.S.-China relations. The United States needs the joint efforts of the entire society to resist the CCP’s challenge that threatens future generations.

U.S. Secretary of Defense: The CCP Is Challenging International Rules

Mark Esper, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, published an opinion article in the Wall Street Journal, “The Pentagon Is Prepared For China,” on August 24, 2020. The article pointed out that as CCP leader Xi Jinping was calling to use the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to advance the CCP’s global ambition, the U.S. is prepared to strengthen its network of allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific region, in response to the “new era of global competition between the free and open international order and an authoritarian system fostered by Beijing.”

Esper pointed out that the PLA is not a military that serves the nation or a constitution, but it “belongs to—and serves—a political entity, the Chinese Communist Party.”

He wrote, “The Communist Party’s emphasis on indoctrinating, modernizing and tightening control over the PLA shows how China’s leaders view the military as central to achieving their objectives. Prominent among these is to reshape the international order in ways that undermine globally accepted rules while normalizing authoritarianism, creating conditions to allow the Chinese Communist Party to coerce other countries and impede their sovereignty.”

Esper ended with an appeal: “Nations valuing freedom, human rights and the rule of law must stand together to counter the coercive role of the PLA in the Chinese Communist Party’s aggressive attempts to undermine the sovereignty of nations.”

Senator Ted Cruz: The CCP Is a “New Evil Empire”

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz said in an interview with Jan Jekielek of The Epoch Times that the CCP is the “new evil empire” that is seeking to dominate the globe. The CCP has been trying to subvert all aspects of American society, from politics to economy, from intellectual property to supply chain, from Hollywood to academia, to professional sports like the NBA.

He said that in order to respond to the CCP’s serious geopolitical threat to the U.S., one needs to understand the scope of the regime’s aggression against the U.S., including intellectual property theft, espionage, propaganda, as well as its malign influence campaigns. 

The senator also compared the current situation with the U.S.’s cold war with the Soviet Union and how it should use a similar strategy to defeat the CCP.

“For the entirety of the Cold War, we didn’t get in a shooting war with the Soviet Union. Rather—and Reagan understood this the best—we engaged in a systematic, comprehensive effort to shine a light, to use the power of truth, to use economic pressures, to use diplomatic pressures, and to use the incredible power of the American free enterprise system, to defeat them and to bankrupt them.”

Senator Cruz said that the coronavirus pandemic has led to a fundamental reassessment of foreign policy between the United States, China and the world.

“The Chinese people in China, far too many of them, live in poverty and anguish. Communism is a disaster. It doesn’t work. So we need to combat it on the military side. We need to combat it by shining a light. This is something I have tried to do vigorously, is (by) calling out the lies and oppression from China,” he said.

White House Adviser: “That virus was a product of the Chinese Communist party”

In a June 21, 2020 article, the Washington Times cited Peter Navarro, Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, as saying, “That virus was a product of the Chinese Communist party and until we get some information about what happened in those labs or what happened in that wet market we know that virus was spawned in China.” 

Navarro reiterated his stance in a Fox News interview on September 13 that the CCP’s mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak has severely damaged the world economy. In particular, “the Chinese Communist Party hit the strongest and most resilient economy in history that President Trump had built. And we had to go into a lockdown because of that.”

The United States canceled flights from China beginning January 31 and the travel ban “saved hundreds of thousands of lives.” After that, protective equipment, therapeutics, testing, and vaccine development were utilized to combat the disease. 

The U.S. Administration and “those four vectors of attack has allowed us to reopen the economy, be much better prepared to deal with the Chinese Communist Party virus,” he remarked.

With the resilience of the U.S. economy, he hopes that these efforts will not only “help our people defend themselves from the Chinese Communist Party virus,” but also lead to economic recovery. 

Peter Navarro, Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy

Secretary of State: Not Repeating Past Mistakes

In a speech at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Los Angeles on July 23, U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said that previous U.S. administrations imagined that engagement with China would produce prosperity. “Today we’re all still wearing masks and watching the pandemic’s body count rise because the CCP failed in its promises to the world. We’re reading every morning new headlines of repression in Hong Kong and in Xinjiang,” he said. 

Secretary Pompeo said that, although Western countries helped the CCP grow its economy, the regime in turn took advantage of that aid and harmed the free world. In addition to domestic surveillance and censorship, it has pushed its communist ideology into press conferences, research centers, schools, news media, and the entertainment industry. 

The Secretary of State made a distinction between the Chinese people and the CCP. “I grew up and served my time in the Army during the Cold War. And if there is one thing I learned, communists almost always lie. The biggest lie that they tell is to think that they speak for 1.4 billion people who are surveilled, oppressed, and scared to speak out,” he said. “Quite the contrary. The CCP fears the Chinese people’s honest opinions more than any foe […]”

“And if we don’t act now, ultimately the CCP will erode our freedoms and subvert the rules-based order that our societies have worked so hard to build,” he added. 

Secretary Pompeo said that it’s especially so with regard to religious freedom. He wrote in a First Things article on September 18 that “it’s clear that the Sino-Vatican agreement has not shielded Catholics from the Party’s depredations, to say nothing of the Party’s horrific treatment of Christians, Tibetan Buddhists, Falun Gong devotees, and other religious believers.” He emphasized that “What the Church teaches the world about religious freedom and solidarity should now be forcefully and persistently conveyed by the Vatican in the face of the Chinese Communist Party’s relentless efforts to bend all religious communities to the will of the Party and its totalitarian program.” 

Secretary Pompeo called on the Vatican to uphold religious freedom and said, “The State Department has been a strong voice for religious freedom in China and around the world and has taken steps to hold those who abuse the faithful responsible for their actions. We will continue to do so.”

Michael R. Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of State
Michael R. Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of State

Top U.S. Diplomat for East Asia: The CCP Is a Lawless Bully

David Stilwell, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, said on September 17 that the United States was not asking other countries to choose sides, but to stand up to China’s “malign” behavior and to protect their own sovereignty and economic interests.

He said in the past several months there had been “particularly egregious examples of Beijing’s conduct.” From the pandemic to conflicts with neighboring countries, many U.S. officials are aware of aggressive moves on the part of the CCP. 

Citing recent cases of the CCP’s campaigns to “wipe out” Mongolian and Tibetan culture, Mr. Stilwell said, “These are not the actions of a responsible global actor, but a lawless bully.” 

FBI: New Investigations Related to the CCP Every 10 Hours

Christopher Wray, FBI Director, spoke at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C. on July 7. He said, “It’s the people of the United States who are the victims of what amounts to Chinese theft on a scale so massive that it represents one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history.”

He also told the U.S. Congress on September 17 that CCP infiltration is broad and deep. In fact, the FBI has over 2,000 counterintelligence investigations on China, which form “by far the biggest chunk of our counterintelligence portfolio.

“We are opening a new Chinese counterintelligence investigation about every 10 hours,” he said to the House Homeland Security Committee. Since lots of research and intellectual property are associated with public funding, he said the CCP advances itself by stealing information and wasting taxpayers’ money. 

Mr. Wray added that many people in the West are now realizing the threat. “I’m very encouraged by the response we’ve gotten from both the private sector and frankly the academic sector,” he said. “Lately, I think people in this country are starting to wake up to the threat and voluntarily taking appropriate measures.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray testifies before the U.S. Congress on September 17 about threats from the CCP.

Policy Adviser: Beijing Cannot be Trusted

Miles Yu, who was born in China and is the principal China policy and planning adviser to the U.S. Secretary of State, said in a June 15 interview with The Washington Times that “the Chinese system is in fact run by a communist party unwilling to be influenced by the outside world and is determined to create a world order of its own.”

He commented, “That system has become a worthy and serious strategic competitor bolstered by a Marxist-Leninist ideology and China-centered nationalism,” which, he said “has allowed China to try to place itself as the moral and political center of the world — at the expense of the Western liberal order and democracy.”

Mr. Yu made further remarks about the CCP’s crackdown on democracy on September 22 during an online discussion on Hong Kong hosted by the Canadian think tank the Macdonald-Laurier Institute.

He said that “Hong Kong was an ‘experiment to test the validity of [the] Chinese Communist Party’s trustworthiness’ which has failed, revealing to the world that they cannot trust Beijing.”

He pointed out that Beijing walked back its promise to maintain the “one country, two systems” for 50 years by “trying to impose communism and totalitarianism on the Hong Kong people.”

He added, “I think the people in Hong Kong have chosen the system of freedom and the rule of law, not the system of communist autocracy in the name of natural unification.”