Former CEO Patrick Byrne goes through proven election fraud from Arizona audit on Friday.

“It is absolutely 100% demonstrated at this point that the people of Arizona did not send the Biden electors there. They have to be withdrawn.”

Election fraud is now a fact. There were 107,000 illegal votes in Maricopa for an election that was decided by 10,000 votes. The biggest lie of 2020 was that it was ‘the most secure election in American history’. There was massive industrial scale fraud in Arizona.

You know who is the biggest victim of this in Maricopa? It’s going to turn out to be minorities. Latinos and Native Americans. They are the ones who votes are getting stolen disproportionately through these systems. This is industrial scale voter suppression.

We now know that there were anonymous logins from someone. Yet, they are refusing to turn over the routers. Don’t they want to know who was accessing the county election equipment?

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