Founder and former CEO Patrick Byrne on April 12 had an interview with Ann Vandersteel of Steel Truth and the explosive Truth Bombs dropping this week.

Here’s the key points of the interview:

National Poll says 51.2% of American Adults believe that fraud played a “significant” or “very significant” role in Joe Biden’s victory. Americans feel like they’re living in a fake reality. The counter offensive is launching now. 80 cyberattacks flipped 2.2 million votes in five swing states, and 19 of those attacks can be attributed to enemy action out of China.

Hammer & Scorecard: Hammer is the tool that breaks open the election systems and Scorecard is the one that manipulates the votes. They have access to 150,000 machines around the world. Hammer comes preloaded with credentials of 4,000 US government employees from Secretary of State down to the county election board’s assistant janitor. I can’t imagine that they cannot find four people on the Supreme Court who will sign off and say, “Yes, this has to become a case.” If people, after seeing this data, are still fighting either they’re just evil or they’re delusional. We have to treat them almost as if they’re a bit deranged.

Dr. Patrick Byrne, also discusses Sidney Powell’s Dominion and Smartmatic lawsuits, Wondery Spy Affair podcast, Health & Freedom Conference, The Great Reset, cryptocurrency, and More!

Here’s the full interview of Patrick Byrne:

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