Investigative reporter Peter Schweizer was interviewed by Federalist Emily Jashinsky and let loose on Hunter Biden’s corrupt connections with foreign corporations and how the Biden family benefited.

Schweizer looked at the deals made and who was involved in the numerous Biden deals with foreign countries such as China. In fact, China is a huge player in Biden’s drifting. To say that the Biden family and Joe Biden are in jeopardy is the understatement of the year.

“How much more is somebody going to have in terms of influence and leverage if they didn’t contribute to get somebody elected, but they made the politician’s family rich? I would argue, they’re going to have far, far, far more leverage, especially if we’re not talking about a domestic industry,” Peter Schweizer said.

Listen to the amazing interview where Schweizer talks about Biden’s corruption, including Hunter Biden’s money laundering:

Schweizer was also on Mark Levin tonight, where he also called out the Bidens:

Peter Schweizer on Hunter Biden: ‘He was flat-out lying to the national media’ and they ‘accepted it’

The mainstream media did Americans a “massive disservice” by failing to pursue the story surrounding the federal investigation into Hunter Biden before the election, Peter Schweizer told “Life, Liberty & Levin” in an interview airing on Dec 13.

“We have a national media that wants to protect certain powerful figures and wants to go after other public figures,” the “Profiles in Corruption” author told host Mark Levin. “And it’s a national tragedy.”

“We’re in a situation today, Mark, where a grand jury was impaneled in 2018 to look into Hunter Biden and his foreign dealings,” Schweizer said. “It has a counterintelligence component. It has a tax fraud component. It has a public corruption component. This has been going on for two years and nobody in the national media took it upon themselves to actually pursue that story.”

“What you have is a situation today where the Bidens have repeatedly lied to the media and the media doesn’t care,” Schweizer said. “They don’t want to catch them in lies, they don’t want to pursue the lies.”

“Hunter Biden goes on national television … and said [he had] not received a single penny from the Chinese,” he recalled. “Well, we now know, of course, that he got close to $5 million from CEFC, a Chinese government-connected energy company. We know he had a big equity stake in that private equity firm [BHR], a $1.5 billion private equity firm.

“We know there were other transactions involving Rosemont Realty and Rosemont Opportunities Fund, too,” Schweizer added. “So he was flat-out lying to the national media. What’s been the media’s response? Nothing. They’ve taken it. They’ve accepted it. In fact, they not only covered it up, Ben Smith of The New York Times ran a piece right before the election bragging about the fact that the gatekeepers — which of course, include the Times and other publications — had effectively killed this story and how proud they were of it.

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