President Donald Trump’s advisers “want him to lose” the election “and are lying to him,” according to Patrick Byrne, the former CEO. Byrne said he was part of a lengthy White House meeting on Dec. 18.

“Trump is lied to by his own advisers, who tell staff ‘get the president to concede’ while they stall Trump,” Patrick Byrne wrote on Twitter on Dec. 20.

Patrick Byrne directly pointed to Mark Meadows, Chief of Staff of the White House, Pat Cipollone, General Counsel, and a pair of lawyers to whom he referred by their first names, Eric and Derek. The White House did not respond to a press-time request for comment.

“I can promise you: President Trump is being terribly served by his advisers,” Byrne said, “They want him to lose and are lying to him. He is [surrounded] by mendacious mediocrities.”

Trump has not accepted the 2020 election, which he believes was stolen. His legal team and third parties, such as Powell, are facing legal challenges in six jurisdictions, including multiple lawsuits pending in the Supreme Court. The President’s legal team has also pushed state legislators to assert their constitutional right to select electors.

Patrick Byrne’s messages appeared to be a response to media reports that the President discussed declaring martial law during a meeting on Dec. 18. Byrne said that the claims were “100 percent false.” Attorney Sidney Powell, who was also present at the meeting, also disputed the claims.

“People saying that, including those around him, are liars,” Powell wrote on Twitter on Dec. 20.

Byrne wrote: “It is 100% winnable. No martial law required. Sydney and [Lt. Gen. Michael] Flynn presented a course that I estimate has 50% – 75% chance of victory. His staff just try to convince him to do nothing but accept it. As a CEO, my heart broke to see what he is going through. He is betrayed from within.”

Patrick Byrne said he spent 4 1/2 hours in the White House. Media reports also cited anonymous sources claiming that during the meeting, the President discussed the possibility of appointing Powell as a special prosecutor to investigate electoral fraud. Powell did not respond by press time to a request for comments.

Byrne said the president “wants to fight on.” Those opposing Trump’s plans are concerned with how such moves may be perceived in the media, according to Byrne.

“Meadows and legal staff led by GC Cippolone reflexively shoot down every sober discussion or idea presented. Their frame of mind is automatic: ‘We better not try that, it may not work, it would hurt your reputation in the press,’” Byrne wrote. “No kidding, they say stuff like that.”

“They are bending over backwards to come up with reasons to tell him he can’t do anything. He needs to fire them all or he loses,” Patrick Byrne said

“He truly [believes] he won and he truly did win. I did not vote for him, but I don’t want to see our country hijacked in a psyop.”

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