Rand Paul challenged Dr. Fauci on why Americans should wear masks after being vaccinated during a Senate hearing. At a Senate hearing Thursday, Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) accused Anthony Fauci of perpetuating “nanny state” policies.

“There is no evidence that there are significant reinfections after vaccine. In fact, I don’t think we have a hospitalization in the United States after the two week period after the second vaccination,” Paul, who is an ophthalmologist, insisted.

Sen. Rand Paul: “If we’re not spreading the infection, isn’t it just theater? You have the vaccine and you’re wearing two masks, isn’t that theater?”

Dr. Fauci responded that wearing masks after vaccination would be a good practice considering the unknown potential of Covid-19 variants spreading in communities.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: “Here we go again with the theater. Let’s get down to the facts.”

“What studies do you have that people that have had the vaccine or have had the infection are spreading the infection? If they’re not spreading the infection, isn’t it just theater?” questioned Rand Paul.

“Here we go again with the theater,” retorted Fauci.

“You’ve been vaccinated and you parade around in two masks for show,” said Rand Paul, who repeatedly interrupted Fauci. “There’s a virtually zero-percent chance you are going to get it.”

“You’re making policy based on conjecture!” Raul Paul said, talking over Fauci and accusing him of wanting people to wear masks “for another couple of years.”

“You’ve been vaccinated and you parade around in two masks for show,” Rand Paul continued. “If you already have immunity, you’re wearing a mask to give comfort to others. You’re not wearing a mask because of any science.”

Why Rand Paul ‘schooled’ Fauci, mainstream media on mask-wearing ‘theater’

“[Fauci] confines himself usually to friendly venues, where he dispenses guidance not driven by the science, but by a desire to terrify and confuse Americans,” claimed the “Ingraham Angle” host. “But every now and then, Fauci can’t avoid facing someone who actually knows something, like Dr. Rand Paul.”

“At this point,” Ingraham said later in the segment, “It’s pretty much beyond obvious that if you had COVID, you’re extremely unlikely to get it again — even Fauci knows it’s impossible to argue against the evidence on this point … The fact is, we’re approaching herd immunity in the United States. Fauci knows this and knows there’s no data to counter the mountain of evidence Senator Paul … threw at him.”

Fauci’s new favorite talking point, the host said, is the rise of several coronavirus variants, specifically one that was discovered in the U.K.

Laura Ingraham noted that the U.K. variant is already in the United States, yet COVID cases are still down 15% nationwide over the last two weeks, hospitalizations have dropped 21% and deaths down 32% over the same time period.

She added that Paul was “100% right” to describe mask-wearing by vaccinated people as “theater.”

“Forcing Americans to wear masks who’ve been vaccinated or already exposed to the virus is really all about domination and control more than anything else. It’s certainly not about science.”

Ingraham concluded: “Number one, there should be a mandatory retirement age in the federal workforce.

“Number two, interviewing a powerful person who wields outsized influence requires knowing the subject matter and the willingness to ask a follow-up question. It wasn’t just Anthony Fauci who was schooled by Senator Paul. The American media was as well.”

More than 73.6 million people, or 22.2% of the U.S. population, have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Some 39 million people, or 12% of the population, have completed their vaccination.

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