State Rep. Mark Finchem gives an update on the audit, and explains what the uniparty really fears.

WATCH: ‘They’re Scared to Death’: Mark Finchem Says Uniparty Knows Ballot Count Won’t Match Voting Machines

Mark Finchem joins the War Room to clarify information on Maricopa County.

Watch: Maricopa County Voting Database Was Deleted, Had to Be Recovered by Auditor

The Oro Valley Republican is facing a recall by Rural Arizonans for Accountability who say he stoked voter fraud conspiracies and has ties to organizers of the “#StopTheSteal” movement.

Mark Finchem who is currently running for Secretary of State, has sent a cease and desist letter to the group seeking to recall him from office.

The cease and desist demands the group destroy all its campaign materials and issue retractions in local newspapers. If the group does not, Finchem’s lawyers promise to sue.

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