According to a six-month investigation into the 2020 presidential election, Democrats took advantage of the pandemic to change election rules illegally, paving the way for Joe Biden to be declared the winner on Nov. 3.

In a 23-page report, the Republican National Committee’s election integrity panel stated:

“Democrats and their liberal allies, including some elected officials, exploited the pandemic and used it as an excuse to haphazardly expand mail voting and loosen important integrity measures that are broadly supported by Americans and which prevent irregularities.”

While these rules changes “may have been well-intentioned, they were unnecessary,” the report concluded.

The Washington Examiner reports that:

“The issues found in the report, shown below, are technical but amount to improper changes, said the RNC, which provided this list of highlights:

  • Democratic leaders leveraged the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to water down election integrity safeguards by ramming through last-minute changes to the election process.
  • Many changes were enacted by courts that disregarded long-standing laws, by Democratic governors who abused their emergency powers, and by officials such as secretaries of state who ignored state laws duly passed by their legislatures.
  • Some public officials used the pandemic as a pretense to expand mail voting and eliminate key absentee voting safeguards such as witness and ID requirements. Policies such as automatically mailing ballots to all voters and waiving ballot delivery deadlines also led to chaos and decreased confidence in our elections.”

According to investigators, “courts that disregarded long-standing laws, Democratic governors who abused their emergency powers, and officials such as secretaries of state who ignored state laws duly passed by their legislatures” bypassed state legislatures and illegally changed state election rules in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.

According to the RNC report, these last-minute rule changes jeopardized election security and made the process highly vulnerable to voter fraud.

After making the case for mass mail-in voting, Democrats “watered down verification processes in order to handle the influx of absentee ballots,” the report found.

“This included lowering review standards for counting ballots and insufficient ballot duplication procedures.”

“Some officials also stonewalled access of Republican poll watchers and observers, and withheld access to basic election information the parties and public should reasonably expect to have,” the report asserted.

The report issued several recommendations that McDaniel is acting on and the party sharing with states eyeing reform legislation.

The committee’s top recommendations:

  • Clean up their voter rolls.
  • Eliminate same-day and automatic voter registration.
  • Enact ID requirements for all voting methods, while ensuring officials educate the public on ID requirements and provide free IDs to those few without one.
  • Only use voting systems that produce a paper record of a voter’s selections that is reviewable pre-tabulation and auditable post-election.
  • Prohibit ballot harvesting.
  • Enact uniform and enforceable standards for rejecting and accepting absentee ballots.
  • Enhance cybersecurity requirements for voting systems, including that they have no wireless, network, or internet connectivity at any stage of the election process.
  • Allow political parties and state legislatures to have standing to bring or intervene in election-related litigation.
  • Prohibit the acceptance or the use of any non-governmental, third-party, or private money, grants, or gifts from outside sources to assist in the administration of an election.

Here’s the full text of the RNC report:

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