Attorney Sidney Powell spoke at the For God and Country Rally this Memorial Day Weekend in Dallas, Texas.

During her on-stage discussion, Sidney Powell was asked about what will happen if several states overturn their 2020 presidential election results.

“There are cases where elections have been overturned, but there’s never been one at the presidential level, which everybody will jump to point out, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done,” Powell said, earning loud applause from an audience. “It should be that he can simply be reinstated, that a new inauguration date is set.”

Here’s her answer:

But legal adviser Jenna Ellis took to Twitter to correct the assertion about the former president, saying, “No, President Trump is not going to be ‘reinstated.'”

“The election was lawless, [and] six states allowed their delegates to vote by false certifications, but the [electoral college] process happened,” Ellis wrote Sunday evening, adding a description of the line of presidential succession in the United States. “The Constitution has only one process for removal of a sitting president: impeachment and conviction.”