Attorney Sidney Powell on April 5 called for the push of the Arizona forensic audit at Maricopa Tabulation Center.

The Republican-led Arizona Senate last week said it hired four out-of-state companies to conduct a forensic audit and full hand recount.

Sidney Powell posted on her account of Telegram:

“This week is critical for the Arizona Forensic Audit.  The Senate must exercise its powers granted by the Arizona Constitution to take over the Maricopa Tabulation Center to audit the network, the internet connected devices, the voting machines, and the original paper ballots and envelopes.  

To many Arizonians, the Maricopa Tabulation Center was where the crime of the century took place and continues today, unexamined.  Forensic evidence must be gathered there with an audit to prove or disprove the alleged fraud.  The audit must not take place in a rented warehouse or a hotel conference room!  The ballots must stay where they are not trucked across town for $150,000!”

She also asked the people to share the document about the election irregularities in Arizona, titled with “Election Integrity Legislative Push”.

Sidney Powell said:

“Send the link to this shared document to all your friends and families.  Share everywhere!

Freedom loving people everywhere, help Arizona hold our elected officials accountable for a legal, free, and fair election in 2020. Contact our Senators and encourage them to fully and boldly exercise the power over elections as granted by the Constitution!”

Maricopa County tells Arizona Senate to find own place for election audit

Maricopa County’s elected leaders aren’t interested in allowing a firm to use county facilities to recount 2.1 million ballots from November’s election as part of an audit that Arizona Senate’s Republican leaders plan to conduct.

The decision by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors came after the board met with its lawyers Thursday, a day after Senate President Karen Fann announced the auditors she had hired to try to show whether President Joe Biden’s victory was legitimate.

It means Fann, who won a court order allowing access to the ballots and voting machines late last month, will need to find a secure location to do the recount. The board has never indicated it would let the Senate use its vote count center, but Fann repeatedly suggested she wanted to use the facility.

Board Chairman Jack Sellers said in a Thursday evening statement that the board respects the “power of the Senate” and has been ready to comply with a subpoena to deliver the ballots and vote-counting equipment for more than a month.

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