Attorney Sidney Powell has dismissed fake news media which reported that she disavowed her election fraud claims, promising to continue her battle against the result.

Powell posted a message to supporters in her Telegram channel on Tuesday evening (March 23), saying: “The #FakeNews is lying to everyone about our filings in the Dominion case.”

“My position has not changed. We will be taking them to the mat. Sidney.” The post has been viewed more than 410,000 times and garnered hundreds of supportive comments.

Earlier, on Monday, she forwarded a screenshot of a supposed electoral fraud confession by Ruby Freeman to her channel.

Freeman is a Georgia election worker who counted ballots in the State Farm Arena in downtown Atlanta. Sidney Powell alleges that Freeman filed thousands of fake ballots to vote for Joe Biden.

Response to the fake news attacks on Sidney Powell

Sidney Powell came Monday in a court filing asking a federal judge to dismiss the $1.3 billion defamation suit filed by Dominion Voting Systems in January.

But mainstream media delivered fakes news about the lawsuit.

And here is the full statement from Sidney Powell to fakes news on Wednesday, which she posted on Telegram:


  • This defamation lawsuit is yet another attempt to silence critics and citizens who want to investigate voter fraud. The statements Dominion claims are defamatory are actually protected speech under the First Amendment because they deal with matters of public concern, i.e., election integrity. The Fake News media and their allies are spinning meritless claims because their arguments have neither the facts nor the law needed to hold up in a courtroom.
  • The statements complained of are also protected because Dominion is a public figure and must prove that Ms. Powell acted with malice. This is impossible, as Ms. Powell’s lawyer has explained, because Ms. Powell’s statements were based on sworn affidavits, declarations, expert reports and documentary evidence. She presented this evidence for all to see in four court filings and on her website.


  • Contrary to what the Fake News is pushing, Sidney did NOT claim in court that ‘no reasonable person would believe her claims’. The press is using twisted legalese and manipulating the legal standard to confuse the issue, as they have done before in other high-profile cases. Ms. Powell’s statements were legal opinions that she stands behind, as they were based on sworn affidavits, declarations, expert reports and documentary evidence.
  • Dominion claims that the evidence Ms. Powell relied upon to assert her claims concerning the lack of election integrity is incredible and not believable. Ms. Powell responded by pointing out that her assertions were her legal opinions based on the evidence she presented to four different courts. Accordingly, her statements are not subject to challenge under defamation law”

Sidney Powell seeks to dismiss Dominion’s $1.3 billion lawsuit

Sidney Powell is seeking to dismiss a $1.3 billion lawsuit that Dominion Voting Systems filed against her.

Powell said via her attorneys that the lawsuit should be dismissed as it was filed in the wrong jurisdiction. She added that her claims about Dominion were protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution. Her team also requested that the lawsuit be moved to Texas from the District of Columbia if it isn’t thrown out.

“Reasonable people would not accept such statements as fact but view them only as claims that await testing by the courts through the adversary process,” her lawyers said on March 22. “Sidney Powell disclosed the facts upon which her conclusions were based.”

Dominion also filed lawsuits seeking $1.3 billion each against MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

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