Attorney Sidney Powell declared the boyfriend of the daughter of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was murdered, vaporized by thermite. The officer investigating the incident was later found dead with a gunshot to the head.

On March 11, during an interview with Doug Billings, Sidney Powell said Kelly Loeffler’s young staffer (who was dating Gov. Kemp’s daughter) was MURDERED.

Sidney said, “I do have knowledge of other people being threatened and horribly intimidated by threats and extortion, and even the murder of Kelly Loeffler’s young staffer in Georgia. That was no car accident. He was vaporized by whatever the explosion was. Some people who know more about it than I do tell me it had to have been thermite to have triggered such a fireball such as happened in that car.”

Sidney Powell said Kelly Loeffler’s young staffer was murdered.

Quoted from pages 91-92 of The Deep Rig by former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne:

The fight in Georgia became surreal. There was an earnest young man who was both a staffer for a Senator, and dating the daughter of the governor. He got involved, then his car exploded in an accident (see “BIZARRE EXPLOSION CRASH IN GEORGIA – KILLS HARRISON DEAL” December 5, 2020). It was on a 4-lane highway, it got struck on the side by another car…then it blew up. The engine was thrown 75 yards. Most videos of the accident have been removed from the internet, but some remain, and show a car burning in a fireball: it was quite an ornery car accident.

In last December, Bruce Porter tweeted: “Do you think that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s daughter’s boyfriend, Harrison Deal was assassinated because Kemp had to fold and publicly call for a signature audit after the “bank heist” tape was released? That’s one hell of a car crash..

“Or do you think that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s daughter’s boyfriend who was a Kelly Loeffler staffer, Harrison Deal was assassinated because he knew too much about how Georgia ran its fraudulent election? After the “bank heist” tape was released they had to tie up loose ends?” he added.

Sidney Powell also had a comment on Telegram on March 7:

Lots of similarities between GA and AZ!! The more fraud us exposed and the closer anyone gets to a real investigation, the more there are strange acts of violence, destruction and death. GA Senator Kelly Loeffler murdered in fireball car “wreck.” Lead GBI investigator of that killed in “suicide” within a few days. Lots of shredded ballots hauled off by Dominion. Shots fired into investigators home.
Now #AZ just before real ballot audit will uncover hundreds of thousands of bogus ballots, load of shredded ballots found in dumpster and mysterious fire at am officials farm.

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