Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, branded billionaire plutocrat George Soros as one of the most corrupt people in the world” after calling on the European Union to bring Hungary and Poland to “open society” principles.

“George Soros is threatening Hungary and Poland,” Prime Minister Orbán told Kossuth Rádió on Friday, referencing the 90-year-old arch-activist’s public lobbying of the EU deprive the conservative-led central European countries of funding.

“George Soros is one of the most corrupt people in the world; he has plenty of politicians in his pocket who now want to blackmail Hungary and Poland for access to EU funds,” the Hungarian leader continued, accusing the billionaire spreading “absurd, beyond-the-red-line statements” about his country.

The conservative and nationalist governments of Hungary and Poland are confronting the EU establishment and its globalist allies after their recent decision to veto the proposed budget from Brussels.

According to Polish Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro, the bill contained provisions that would have reduced the countries to “political and institutionalized enslavement.”

According to Breitbart, on a superficial level, the provisions in question only committed the member states of the European Union to defending European values and the so-called rule of law.

However, the Hungarian and Polish leaders saw in them a mechanism to deprive conservative countries of their share of EU funds if they did not submit to the political programs of the dominant EU states—mainly Germany and France—which have been outraged by the persistent refusal of Hungary and Poland to accept the imposition of obligatory quotas on migrants.

In fact, Vice President of the European Parliament Katarina Barley,  of Germany suggested that Poland and Hungary should be “starved financially” before the vote in which they finally exercised their veto.

In his latest article, published on Nov. 18 in Project Syndicate, Soros blatantly instructed Brussels bureaucrats on how to circumvent Hungary and Poland’s veto of the EU budget.

In addition, Soros claimed that Orban did not allow free and secure voting in the Hungarian rural sector.

Orban responded by stating Soros has made “absurd, beyond-the-red-line statements” about Hungary.

At the heart of the conflict, according to the prime minister, Brussels wants to impose something that the Hungarian people do not want to accept.

“They want to do it in a way that, instead of via unanimity, these questions would be decided with a qualified, two-thirds majority,” he explained.

Hungarian Secretary of State for Communication and International Relations Zoltan Kovacs, pointed out that this modus operandi of Soros’s and the EU exposes how the controversial speculator is handled.

“If you ever wanted to know how the Soros plan works, here it is,” Kovacs said on Twitter on Nov. 19.

“[George Soros] suggested fiscal penalties against those who did not accept migrants back in 2015. Today we see financial blackmailing & political retribution operationalized by EU institutions,” he added.