The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday disposed of the last of three cases brought to the justices by former President Donald Trump challenging the 2020 election result, according to Reuters.

The court without comment rejected Trump’s appeal challenging thousands of absentee ballots filed in Wisconsin.

The latest appeal claimed that the Wisconsin Elections Commission violated the U.S. Constitution by setting up mail-in voting rules that ignored state law.

The complaint wrote “unlawful and unconstitutional” action by multiple Wisconsin officials, including Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. It seems relief under the Elector Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

It was the last of three petitions filed at the Supreme Court near the end of Trump’s presidency that the justices declined to take up. The court on Feb. 22 turned away Trump’s other two appeals – a second Wisconsin challenge and one relating to voting in Pennsylvania.

The court on Monday also turned away another election related case filed by Attorney Lin Wood, who had asked the justices to block the Jan. 5 Senate runoff elections in Georgia. Democrats won both races, giving them narrow control of the Senate.

The cases are Trump v. Wisconsin Elections Commission, 20-883, and In Re Lin Wood, 20-887.

Trump Rejected by Supreme Court in Final Election Challenge
Trump Rejected by Supreme Court in Final Election Challenge

Attorney Lin Wood responded to the news on March 8:

SCOTUS denial of review of election cases today was no surprise. That handwriting was on the wall from its previous refusal to review any November 2020 elections cases.

It is a fair question to ask whether the rule of law has any meaningful relevance in our current environment.

But I remain hopeful that we will soon return to being governed by established laws and case precedents.

In that regard, a very recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision is certainly in play with respect to the political attacks against me by the State Bar of Georgia.

In the process of trying to wrongfully destroy me to advance its political agenda, the State Bar of Georgia may end up destroying itself.

We shall see. Stay tuned.

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