As credible allegations of election fraud continue to emerge, most Republican politicians are still standing by, saying only that President Trump deserves the opportunity to defend himself in court.

At the federal level, it is foreseeable that the most outspoken members of the House Freedom Caucus (House Freedom Caucus, also known as the Liberal Caucus), many of them come from six key states with election disputes, including: Arizona, Nevada , Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Representatives Paul Gosar and Mo Brooks said they believe that President Trump won the election. Representative Mike Kelly is filing a lawsuit in the US Supreme Court, and Senator Ted Cruz has also proposed an oral argument for the case.

On December 3, more than a dozen members of the Liberty Caucus held a press conference to urge Attorney General Bill Barr to investigate allegations of election fraud. They said that the lack of clean elections and trust in the system would mean a republic. The end of the system.

Looking through the Twitter accounts of 196 current members of the Republican Party of the House of Representatives, it is found that they united in protest last week against the legalization of marijuana. However, few people have posted about general election issues, such as expanding election charges, commenting on recent hearings in key states, etc., which shows that they are avoiding involvement in this matter.

However, the attitude of the House of Representatives does not seem to match the mood of the voters. According to the POLITICO/Morning Consult poll released on November 9, more than 70% of Republican voters do not believe that the election is free and fair.

According to an online survey of more than 1,700 subscribers conducted by The Epoch Times on December 7, in Georgia, more than 90% of Trump supporters did not believe the results of the presidential election.

On December 5th, at a Trump rally in Valdosta, Georgia, when two senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue were running for re-election. When he came to power, the crowd called “fight for Trump, fight for Trump”.

At the same time, Trump has been urging Republicans to “tough on” and has made constant efforts to raise public attention to the testimony of election officials and scrutineers. These sworn testimonies point to a large number of election fraud , statistical anomalies, and potentially illegal behavior.

Trump named some governors and politicians by name. He said they did not conduct adequate investigations into election fraud or were verifying fraudulent election results.

Trump stated on December 5 that the Democrats could not be more satisfied with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, both of whom are Republicans.

“They are more opposed to us than the radical left Democrats. If they are on the same line as us, we have won Arizona and Georgia.” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Roger Simon, a writer and political commentator for The Epoch Times, said that this gap highlights the existence of two groups in the Republican Party.

“Part of them are ordinary Republicans (the rank and file). These people obviously support Trump because 95% of Republicans vote for him. The other part is the long-term establishment, and part of them is the permanent anti-Sichuan faction (Never Trumpers), the other part is just the boring ones of the establishment.” Simon said.

“So, what you are facing is a huge split between the actual voters who voted for the Republican Party and those who run the party, but voters are the true purpose of the party’s existence. Of course, not all of them are the same. There are some good people.”

However, Simon warned that politicians should “wake up and listen to the voice of voters.”

“The Permanent Coup” (The Permanent Coup) author and “Epoch Times” writer Lee Smith (Lee Smith) said, “Because Democrats have cooperated with the intelligence services and the media in the past four years,” many Republicans People feel scared.

“That’s a terrible thing.” Smith said. He was referring to the past four years, including the “Russian Puppet Case”, the impeachment of President Trump, and the attacks on members of the House of Representatives such as Devin Nunes, all because they condemned The FBI investigated illegal espionage by members of Trump’s team.

“People are also very confused,” Smith said. “It’s hard to recognize these things that are different from the past. This is the United States. Is it really possible for the intelligence services to cooperate with the media to start a political war? Well, of course, although it seems far away But this is exactly what is happening now.”

Smith said that Trump’s argument is clear and he is fighting back, but the members on Capitol Hill have not fully joined their camp.

Representative Paul Gossall said that despite the possibility of retaliation, more Republican politicians need to stand up.

“If it happens, let it happen!” Gossar told The Epoch Times on December 8th: “I won’t make any changes, because we are a country under the rule of law and we must be supervised.”

Gossal said: “I challenge everyone. If in the United States where we live, we must worry about retaliation to do the right thing, then this is just a Banana Republic (Banana Republic, a derogatory term that refers specifically to those who are corrupt and A country where powerful foreign forces intervene) is not a constitutional republic. And we have gone further on the road to the sinking of communism.”

Gossar said that politicians need to be accountable to the people, while politicians in key states should demand supervision.

He has submitted a freedom of information request to the Arizona Secretary of State, the Governor, the Attorney General, and the Maricopa County Supervisory Committee to confirm whether they have done due investigations.

“Maybe I was wrong, but I find it hard to believe that the supervisory committee has conducted due diligence on the (voting machine) software,” said Gosal.

Gossar said that as long as the issue of election fraud remains unresolved, Americans will find that their votes are not actually counted.

“They are not stupid, they understand that we will never have free and fair elections anymore,” he said.

The Epoch Times contacted seven other members of Congress, but none of them were interviewed. The Justice Department also did not respond to repeated requests for comment on election-related investigations.

(Source: The Epoch Times)