The President Trump lawyer filed a voter fraud lawsuit against Nevada Carson City ( The State Court of Carson City), arguing that the state should void tens of thousands of ballots.

Several lawyers stated in court that:

  • About 42,000 voters “voted twice” in Nevada;
  • 2,468 voters have changed their addresses to foreign countries or states in accordance with the law;
  • 1,500 voters have been approved by the Social Security Administration (Social Security Administration) are listed as deceased;
  • 20,000 voters’ mailing addresses are not in Nevada;
  • And 6,000 voters’ addresses are marked as blank by the U.S. Postal Service and cannot be delivered.

The evidence submitted also showed that nearly 8,000 ballots were voted “by voters whose (registered) address does not actually exist”; about 15,000 voters who have voted “registered addresses are vacant or commercial properties.”

The chairman of the American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp, is helping Trump deal with the lawsuit in Nevada . He told the Washington Examiner this week, “In my many years of political experience, I have never seen the (such a large) number of illegal votes recorded in Clark County, Nevada. This level of corruption, I never thought would happen in a modern, free country. “

Nevada judge James Russell said on Thursday that he needed to rule on evidence cited by Trump’s lawyers and Democratic lawyers. According to reports, the judge said the ruling will be made on Friday.

Before the hearing on Thursday, the “Nevada GOP” (Nevada GOP) posted a video on its Twitter account showing a thick line of folders.

The tweet read, “We have 20 folders with 8,000 pages of evidence, which will be submitted in a few minutes to show what happened in the Nevada election!”

“We have testimony from multiple eyewitnesses. The report said that the USB flash drive used in the election showed that the voting record changed overnight.” They added, “This means that during early voting and election day, in the dead of night. , Ballots will appear or disappear on these voting machines.”

Democratic lawyer Kevin Hamilton (Kevin Hamilton) said that it is impossible to judge who voted for whom in the election; Judge Russell agreed with this statement.

According to Fox News, Hamilton said, “In court, what matters is evidence, not Twitter or social media bluffs, nor rumors or speculation, but evidence. This is what is missing in the record.”

But Trump’s lawyer Jesse Binnall (Jesse Binnall) said that part of their evidence about voter records was obtained through DMV records.

Binnall said, “In the dead of night, the ballots appeared and the ballots reappeared. There was no explanation (for these phenomena) and no good explanation. Unfortunately, this election was stolen. We cannot ignore such evidence , We don’t allow elections to be stolen.”

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