Attorney Michael van der Veen says he has paid a high price for successfully defending former President Donald Trump during Trump’s Senate impeachment trial.

Vandals smashed windows of the attorney’s home on Friday night, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The word “TRAITOR” was spray-painted in red on the driveway of the house. A red arrow was pointed at the dwelling.

Meanwhile, demonstrators from the group Refuse Fascism marched outside his law office.

“When van der Veen lies, what do you do? Convict. Convict,” they chanted.

Van Der Veen revealed it has come at a cost but would not elaborate beyond personal property damage and threats to his family and well-being.

The attorney turned deeply emotional Saturday on Fox News when asked about the incidents.

“My home was attacked,” he said.

“I’d rather not go into that. To answer your question, my entire family, my business, my law firm are under siege right now. I don’t really want to go into that, though. What I’d really like to do is talk about the merits of the case.”

“The thing is, you guys don’t know me,” he said.

“I’m not a controversial guy. I’m not politically minded so to speak. I’m a trial lawyer and I represent people’s interests in court,” van der Veen added.

“And I’m disappointed that this is the result of just me doing my job.”

Van der Veen: ‘Bloodthirsty’ media is ‘trying to divide this country’

Trump lawyer accused media companies of trying to push a narrative instead of sticking to the facts, saying news outlets are “trying to divide this country.”

“What this country wants and this country needs is this country to come together,” Michael T. van der Veen said, adding that the reason why there is so much divisiveness is “because of the media.”

“The media wants to tell their narrative rather than just telling it like it is,” he said, adding that corporate media outlets have “to start telling the right story in this country” and that the “media is trying to divide this country” to make a profit.

“You are bloodthirsty for ratings. You’re asking questions that are already set up with a fact-pattern,” van der Veen said.

“When I watch the news, I watch one station, and it is raining. And I watch another station at the same time, and it is sunny. Your coverage is so slanted, it’s got to stop. You guys have to stop and start reporting more like PBS does rather than a TV news show that does not have any journalistic integrity at all. What I’m telling you is they doctored evidence,” he said, referring to managers at the Senate impeachment trial of Trump.

He was responding to a comment and question from a CBS News reporter, Lana Zak, after the Senate acquitted Trump. She was asking him about what he described was doctored evidence that was presented by Democratic House managers during the trial.

“It’s not OK to doctor a little bit of evidence,” he said.

“Prosecutors in this case doctored evidence. They did not investigate this case, and when they had to come to the court of the Senate to put their case on, because they had not done any investigation, they doctored evidence. It was absolutely shocking. I think when we discovered it and were able to expose it and put it out, I think it turned a lot of senators,” van der Veen said.

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