Former President Donald Trump held a political rally in Alabama on Saturday, at 7:00 p.m. CST. What did he speak at the Alabama rally?

People arrived early, some from other states, to see former President Donald Trump speak in Alabama for the first time in four years. The rally attendants said many of the same things when asked why they came. They believe in the former president.

Chuck Phillips, 70, who lives in Cromwell on Logan Martin Lake, joined the line before noon, more than two hours before the gates opened.

“I’ve always heard about these Donald Trump rallies, and I always said if he ever gets close enough to Alabama, I’m going,” said Phillips, who said he works as a truck driver, mechanic, machinist and bartender. “Here he is in Alabama, so I’m not going to miss it. I’m here.”

What former President Trump said in Alabama rally

The former president played a clip of a speech delivered by actor George C. Scott from the movie Patton before beginning his rally, recalling the fighting spirit of America in World War II.

“Do you think that General Patton was woke? I don’t think so,” Trump said to the crowd, and added, “He was the exact opposite.”

On Afghanistan debacle

Trump criticized the “wokeness” in the military, alluding to a growing number of generals focusing on “white rage” and critical race theory.

“We’re getting tired of the woke generals that we have right?” he asked, pointing to the failure of the U.S. military in Afghanistan.

He criticized the military for moving troops out of Afghanistan before they moved out American civilians and for leaving $83 billion of military equipment behind.

Former President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden’s short record as presiden at a rally in Alabama on Saturday, calling him one the worst in modern history.

“Biden is the most pathetic president. And look, he makes Jimmy Carter look great,” Trump said.

The former president kicked off his rally criticizing Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, calling it the “greatest foreign policy humiliation in the history of the United States of America.”

“Joe Biden was going on vacation as Afghanistan was going to hell,” he said. And this is what you get when you have weakness in the White House.”

He also questioned Biden’s level of control over events happening around the world and his control of of his own presidency.

“The issue is Joe Biden’s staggering incompetence and gross negligence,” Trump said. “He doesn’t know where the hell he is. You think he’s running the government? He’s not running the government.”

Countries ‘emptying their prisons’ into U.S. thanks to Biden’s open border

The former president recalled his frequent warnings of what would happen under Biden’s presidency during the 2020 presidential campaign.

“Not only have my predictions come 100 percent true. But it’s even worse than any of us could have imagined in our worst nightmare,” Trump said.

He pointed to growing inflation, high gas prices, a breakdown of border security, as evidence of Biden’s failure.

“Not only is Biden an embarrassment to the United States abroad, his radicalism and extremism is currently destroying our nation right here at home,” Trump said.

He recalled all of the things he did as president to strengthen the United States, including on trade, energy, and border security, and he criticized Biden for ending it.

“Joe Biden is a failed president. He will always be a failed president,” Trump said. “He’s ushered in one calamity after another.”

In a matter of mere months, Biden has thrown our southern border wide open. When I left office, we handed the new administration the most secure border in U.S. history and they turned it into the greatest border disaster in American history, probably anywhere in the world.

Trump continued:

You know they’re emptying their prisons out into our country? And I’m not just talking about Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico. I’m talking about Middle Eastern countries. Yemen, people are coming in from Yemen. Our country will really be in trouble. We’ll really be in trouble.

Under my administration, we ended the ridiculous Catch and Release. You catch somebody, you find out they’re a criminal and you release them immediately into our country. We ended asylum fraud, we deported record numbers of criminal aliens, we negotiated historic agreements with Mexico and Central America to stop illegal immigration. And we built all of that wall that I just talked about. But we had a stay in Mexico policy. You can’t come into our country, I’m sorry. Stay in Mexico. Biden ended it, he ended it. But you know what happened? Yesterday we won in court and a very wise judge said we’re allowed to have stay in Mexico. Thank you, judge.

Growing leftist agenda

Trump also recalled the violent protests during the Summer of 2020 and the growing leftist agenda protesting and tearing down statues of American heroes.

“They want to get rid of our great heroes and heroines,” he said. “They want to get rid of our history. Our culture. We’re not going to do it.”

The former president also noted that the U.S. women’s soccer team failed to win the gold medal in the Summer Olympics after many on the team knelt during the National Anthem.

“Women’s soccer was supposed to easily win, but they went woke,” Trump said.

But he recalled that some of the women on the team stood during the anthem.

“I love those women that stood up and they saluted our flag,” he said.

Referring to U.S. Soccer player Megan Rapinoe, as the “one with the purple hair,” Trump claimed she did not play well.

“You can have her,” he said dismissively.


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