On Wednesday (November 18), the Trump Recount Committee said in an interview that they has been intercepted from Frankfurt, Germany. The original voting data was restored on the Dominion server, and said that the result will “shake to the core of globalists.”

In an interview with Newsmax on Wednesday, Trump’s 2020 campaign agent and member of the recounting committee, Brian Trascher, said that the Trump team has already checked the Dominion election in Frankfurt, Germany. The original data of the system server, “obtained a lot of data.”

Traschel said, “This information will be made public, and it will be shaken to the core of globalists.”

When the host asked what heavy information the Trump team would disclose, Traschel said:

  • Firstly, why the U.S. election server appear overseas?
  • Secondly, how the ballot “is changed from an elector to another elector”?
  • How to operate a nationwide fraud system, he said that under the effect of the software, thousands of votes were automatically tampered with, and many related news will be announced to the public.

“Get ready, because this is happening, you need to prepare in advance,” Traschel said.

In the same interview, Republican strategist and lawyer Amanda Maki (AMANDA MAKKI) stated that the results of the Democratic Party’s elections were checked to be tied to Dominion ’s improper operation, and Biden needs to be questioned for this.

On November 13, an astonishing news spread rapidly on social media. Its source was US Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert. He stated in a virtual meeting that on November 9, the US military was in Frankfurt , Germany. The server and data of the election counter company Scytl were intercepted. Gomott told Newsmax in an interview on the 13th that he learned that Dominion ‘s US election server was seized by the US military during the illegal hosting of the Scytl company in Frankfurt.

On related issues, Scytl refuted rumors that the company had nothing to do with Dominion and had no branch in Frankfurt, Germany. However, some overseas netizens revealed that the company clearly showed an IP from Frankfurt, Germany on the website where the source of the IP address can be checked.

On Thursday (November 19), when asked by a media reporter, Sidney Powell, a key member of the Trump team and former US prosecutor, said at a press conference that the news of the seizure of the election server was true. She did not disclose other details.

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