Former President Donald Trump on August 7 issued a statement on Wisconsin election 2020 after 205,000 voter registrations were deactivated.

Trump wrote: “Wisconsin has just canceled 205,000 voter registrations because they say they could not find the voters. Why did they wait until AFTER the election?”

“Would this mean that we would have won Wisconsin? Congratulations!” he added.

Earlier, Election officials in Wisconsin have deleted more than 205,000 names from voter registration rolls as part of maintaining the lists, they announced on Aug. 4.

More than 174,000 of the voters hadn’t voted in the past four years and didn’t respond to a mailing, according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

The deactivation was required under Wisconsin law.

“Some of the voters had died and a few others asked to have their registrations canceled,” WEC administrator Meagan Wolfe wrote in a statement. The WEC said another 12,121 voters who hadn’t voted since the November 2016 election and received the “Notice of Suspension” mailing did respond to remain active on the voting rolls.

The commission also deactivated 31,854 registrations of voters who “may have moved and didn’t respond to a mailing,” according to reporting by the Epoch Times.

As of Aug. 1, 3.5 million people were registered to vote in Wisconsin. About 3.29 million voted in the 2020 presidential election.

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